lundi 31 mai 2010

Massive Attack

I've been a MA fan since Blue Lines came out in 1991. Unfinished Sympathy was a revelation. A mix of sounds and rythmn that echoed in me. Almost 20 years later and I still love that song. Their music is magical. Soothing and uplifting, dark and melodic.

3 commentaires:

  1. Their beats are pretty cool. A song by them I really like is The Hunter gets Captured by the Game. I used to have a soundtrack (batman lol!) with this song on it when I was a child, and one day I reheard the song out of the blue and it reminded me of how cool that song was.

  2. LOVE Massive Attack! Just listened to Mezzanine today <3

  3. Thanks for the discovery Prêt à Porter P!! The only song I remembered from the Batman soundtrack is the U2 one (that I loved)! Can't believe I missed this one!

    Ida: You're so cool!! Mezzanine was hard for me to "get" at first, besides the obviously beautiful Teardrop. Now it's among my favourites, love all the hypnotic bass lines...