samedi 4 juillet 2015


Woo oooh!!! Major score!!

Crossed one of the oldest element of my wishlist: the Play Comme des Garçons striped t-shirt.

Just couldn't believe my luck when browsing one of my favorite consignment store, Violette et Léonie's eshop, I spotted it in my size, dropped it in the cart, paid then next day stopped by the actual store to inspect it from every angle, tried it on before contentedly confirming my purchase. 

It's one of those items that is very popular - it seems like every trendy fashion blogger has one non? Haha! Just joined the club! - but very expensive (in my opinion) for basically the added value of a cute logo on a striped tee. 

Still it didn't stop me from crushing hard on it and I spent many years toying with the idea of buying this item but never willing in the end to spend so much cash for it. 

Already tagged at a decent second hand price and further reduced for sales to 66 euros, suddenly owning it could be reality. 

Voilà! So far, best and only - oh yeah I returned the bermuda...- sales purchase. 

By the way am I the only one a bit let down by the sales at the moment?  Have you found anything?

They only started last week in France, the weather gods [I'm finishing reading "American Gods"  by Neil Gaiman and his deity/mythology concept just keep bumping in my mind. It's really great by the way if you're into subtle fantasy with existential brainstorming] have granted us sunshine and heat (a bit too much dare I say) and thought it would be the right occasion to add a skirt and maybe a dress. But actually what's on discount is rarely my cup of tea and when I find something suitable for the season and to my tastes, it is obviously not on sales. Story of my life. Ok, maybe I'm exagerating a bit there... Haha!

dimanche 28 juin 2015

April - May


Work wear:

Pic 1:
jacket + sweater + necklace Isabel Marant Etoile  / pants: H&M / ballet flats: Lanvin /batik shopping bag from Cotonou, Bénin.

Pic 2:
tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile / Pants: H&M / shoes: Dries van Noten / Tote bag: Céline

Pic 3:
coat: Zara /shirt + skirt: COS / shoes: Creeks x André / bag: Céline

Day off:

cardigan + blouse + necklace: Isabel Marant Etoile / jeans: Zara / Bag: Abaco / shoes: Isabel Marant


Days-offs: Clearly I wasn't in the mood to shoot my work looks!

Pic 1:
trench coat : Tcharakoura / sweater: Zara / jeans : Cos / Shoes: Eden / shopping bag from Cotonou

Pic 2:
sweater:: Maje / polka dot blouse: H&M / pants: Zara / Shoes: Dries van Noten/ bag: Céline

Pic 3:
blouse: Cos /jeans: H&M / shoes: Dries van Noten / bag: Céline

vendredi 26 juin 2015

Long short story

(Eileen Fisher's Instagram)

So back to fashion.

You know what I want to wear right now... Shorts.

The thing is I usually dislike wearing shorts in the city: too much skin out, too many bacteria outside, too much unsolicited attention, too laidback. 

Still the big advantage remains that legs get some fresh air and let's be honest skirts and dresses are cute and all but you kind of have to pay attention - to how you sit and get up, to tricky sudden winds (cf. Marilyn), etc.- to make sure that, put bluntly your undies remain out of sight.

Shorts on the other hand grants you some freedom, no worries of "wardrobe malfunction".

So I couldn't think of a better option to reconcile the slightly germaphobe / rolling eyes at gawking men (mostly) / elegance snob in me than a bermuda or now fashionably named "long shorts".

I truly started to "see" them and appreciate their potential last summer looking at Dries van Noten's collection. The way shorts were styled with softly tailored items, loose romantic blouses, steady heels completely won me over. 

(Dries van Noten summer 2014 via Vogue UK)

Of course even after being mega reduced, the Dries ones were still way too expensive for me, considering that shorts season in France is well, short!  

Flashforward to summer 2015 and I'm noticing that a lot of budget friendlier brands now offer bermuda in their collections so the lookout starts. 

Ideally, the shorts I envisioned for me should have a loose, wide cut, in a supple but not too thin /transparent material like tencel or lyocel, side pockets and would just hit above the knees, color wise: a dark shade (black, grey, navy) would do.

While trying on a few many shorts, I observed that getting the right fit and proportions are key. Too tight in my opinion defeats the air circulation purpose, also I find that a bit room with clothes in general works better with my silhouette, but too wide looked clownish on my average 168 cm height, same goes for the length, a few centimeters above or below the knee really make a difference.

First, I was eyeing these COS silky bermuda which I really really like, but at 89 euros that's still very steep for shorts... Plus silk... Wouldn't they be too fragile? I wonder... So no.


Then these And Other Stories shorts (55 euros) seemed pretty good - dressier than the COS and closer in spirit and cut to the Dries ones - until I reached the composition part: 100% polyester. Not happening. Especially for summer clothes when breathing materials are a must. Again no.

Long story short, after many negative changing rooms sessions, I may have found the ones that will satisfy me from French brand Promod (here) right on time for the expected heat wave next week!

vendredi 19 juin 2015

Into mind

April and May were an emotional rollercoaster with lots of tension at work that left me drained with energy and low spirits. It started with a simple conflict over vacations dates which could have been handled in a civil manner. Instead my boss raised her voice, her tone getting harsher by the second, vindicative while I was stunned by the intensity of her anger.

I had time to reflect after my tears dried up, spending the night tossing the matter over and over in my head, that from a textbook legal point of view, I had been wrong. But the pain, humiliation to be berated stung, my decade old professional relationship shaken in a few minutes. Still I gathered my nerves, went back to work, told my boss I would draw the consequences of our previous meeting - in short "you win"- I'm rolling over and submitting to you. 

I thought it would stop at that but she wanted to talk. I didn't. Nonetheless my sleepless teary night had left me with a lot to say. So ok, let's have a go for it. She casually admitted having been "hard" when I shared with her my feelings on her radioactive attitude. It could have stopped right here. You know a little pow-wow, I'm wrong - you're wrong, truce and let's move on. 

No, she wanted to express what was in her opinion at the root of the conflict, she didn't know me she said. Just like that. After about 10 years in her employment, I was summed up to the fact that I was not talkative enough, secretive even, asking me even "why I was like that"... That last draw actually left me mute, pun intended! Haha! I couldn't see what was the point of her rubbish psycho bull... analysis in regard with an administrative schedule issue.   

I guess in her very French state of mind, she wants me to spill the beans on everything that goes on in my life - while paradoxically stating that my intimate life is my own of course (!), to voice my opinion on every sterile topic du jour and grumble about the latest thing supposedly going wrong in this country. It's very French I get it but the "why" escapes me.

I'm just not like that. Especially at work. Don't get me wrong, I looove râler (complaining about everything!) and debating over almost anything but see I just don't mistake my bosses for my friends, I'm cordial, do my job and try my best to accomplish it properly. I actually thought it was the essence of any professional activity. How delusional was I. 

Because being efficient is not enough, talking about the movies I saw, the places I was raised in, visited, my health issues, seeing me carrying around massive books in English, the obvious fact -to everyone else who ever met me in my entire life that I love fashion were not enough. My mind was not known to her... Well, what's going on in my mind - if not work related, nor with any impact on it - is not my hierarchy's business.  

Suffice to say that her last words shattered any little trust I had in her and that I realised that if she thought I was a stranger, she had definitely shown her true self and I didn't like what I saw at all.   

So I've been talking but with friends and family of this. It helped a lot. I've also worked hard on my resume, searched for opportunities. Also a new - male - friendship blossomed quite unexpectedly out of nowhere and it was so exhilarating to get to know someone from another continent, with a whole different life but somehow sharing common likings (shopping!! Haha!) and experiences. 

All this attention and affection I was lucky to receive when I needed it soothed me and helped me to let go of the drama and move forward. 

I always wanted to keep this space light and essentially about fashion but this little crisis took a toll on me and now that I can put down words on it without any violent emotional reaction, I wanted to let you know that I didn't abandon this blog permanently and at first I meant to keep my reasons short and vague. Debating whether to post this or not. To be honest I'm not exactly sure why I'm publishing this, I'm not venting nor seeking any comfort maybe in a sick and twisted way my boss's words rooted in me and I wanted to let you know what's been going on in my mind lately. Anyway, I'm back. I have no idea what I'll write about next and as my camera broke down, you'll have to make do with the few crappy iPhone 4 outfits pics I managed to snap when I do a recap post ! Haha! 

lundi 6 avril 2015

Spring coverup

Designer Yvonne Koné in her Mads Norgaard coverall jacket

A denim work jacket is what I have in mind for spring like the one worn by Danish designer Yvonne Koné.

I've been quite attracted to the work version rather than the standard jacket (which I already have) - without the mildly useful 2 breast buttoned pockets but actual front pockets I can easily shove my hands/ iPhone/ metro card into.

I would like soft but not paper thin denim in a medium wash or raw indigo blue with an oversize longer cut - to cover part of my bum- and generous pockets.

Ideally, it would be this old Acne jacket...

Maria Van Nguyen (

I'd counterbalance the utilitarian non-descript style of the jacket with my favorite combinations of basics: loose clothes, shots of color, a bit of Dutch wax/batik prints, a prim dress -to dress it up and flats. 

denim jacket

dimanche 29 mars 2015

My picks at... H&M

This last Friday, after the end of another round of renovation work in my appartment - you wouldn't believe how happy I am about my new boiler and radiators in place! Haha! - which involved lots of furniture shifts, dusting, cleaning so when order was finally restored, all I wanted was grab a few home stuff at Hema, go to the bookstore and stay home for the rest of the week-end. 

Somehow though between home and book shopping, I took a turn by H&M and found myself with half a dozen items in hand... My typical spring/summer casual picks: loose clothes, soft colors, linen and cotton materials. 

First item I tried and forgot to take a modelling picture of was this lyocell blouse. However I wasn't pleased with the item: what interested me was its retro 70's vibe but worn it was just too dull for me.

This shirt had a lot of eye catching elements for me : I like linen so much and blue is an all time favorite. The length and fit of that top were nailed down, it's a solid basic and I was really tempted to buy this number. Eventually I didn't though it remains in the back of my head.


This denim-like shirt was shown on a mannequin in full denim on denim look, accessorized with a delicate sliver pendant. The result was pretty well done, the kind of display that I can relate to.
The shirt in itself seems like a good deal, no bust gap, the shorter hem is trendy without any risk of navel or muffin top exposure, the lyocel material soft and supple, the medium blue denim wash very easy to mix and match.  Overall though, I wasn't taken with it.

That shirt dress below is is the kind of clothes that makes me come back to H&M. 
It looks insignificant on the rack, then I put it on and Bam! That's so what I want right now yet I feel that I could like it for a long time as it ticks a lot of my boxes: classic dress cut ☑ that won't go out of style by the end of spring 2015 - versatile ☑: I can wear it to work as well under a blazer or trench with wedges, flats. Only downsidesadly recurrent with almost any range of clothing brands - it's not lined, so a slip would be necessary in my opinion. 

A shot of color in all my picks with these mango/ocre chino pants. I don't think I would have looked at these really if it wasn't for the Atelier Delphine lookbook which made me aware of this kind of color's potential especially mixed with my favorite summer blues. 
H&M is quite good at producing these pants and I already have several pairs. They have that right amount of slouch and tapered, the cotton is both sturdy and soft. 
I couldn't find this item on the h&m site, it seemed to be among the latest store arrivals though so it may be added in the days to come.

Also a classic that I love for the warmer seasons, the boyfriend jeans. This striped light blue slightly destroyed version is such a cute update. Something I plan on wearing with white blouse, tan sandals later and with sneakers or Isabel Marant suede boots just now. Again, I was unable to find this item online but they're from the LOGG collection.

And on the same occasion took a what I was wearing picture:

Zara leather jacket + pants - H&M sweater - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers - Céline Trio bag

samedi 28 mars 2015

Fingers uncrossed

A quick follow-up on my online shopping ventures.

First came the & Other Stories shoes.

They looked identical to the website's picture and I really liked the butter soft leather. The only problem to be expected was the size, I could squeeze my feet in them but it kind of distort the style as you can clearly see that my toes are grasping for some space not to mention that it's just uncomfortable. So back they went!


As for the Topshop jacket:

I think I should have taken the 38 instead of 36. I thought the fit would be more oversized and it actually is not at all. 

That said, I'm overall undecided because even though delivery is quick I'm not sure it's worth going through the back and forth process. It's the kind of item that I may warm up to if I find the right outfit combination but it's safe to say that it doesn't come close to what I imagined it would be like. So it has 95 % chances to go back on Monday...  

These fails only confirms that online shopping is rarely working for me and that in time of crisis I should shop within close quarters!