dimanche 30 mars 2014

Tenue du jour - Sunday

I hope everyone had or is having a great Sunday. 

We're back to Daylight Saving Time in France and even if it meant an hour less of sleep, the longer evenings are welcome and it certainly feels that summertime is coming up. 

Add that after a few days of winter cold we're back to spring with milder temperatures and dry weather. Hooray!

Which means that the trench is back on over a light wool striped knit and ankle tapered jeans to create a very classic look.


trench: Zara - striped knit/pull rayé: APC - jeans: Uniqlo - ballet flats/ballerines: Lanvin - bag/sac: Céline

dimanche 23 mars 2014

2014 goals: shopping ban

It took me some time to put up this post as I didn't know how to write about the results from my shopping ban.
So I'll start simply with a reminder of the list of purchases I had settled for:
As you certainly gathered from outfits posts, I managed to get the DVN scarf, the last one at the boutique, on sales and I'm still incredibly happy about this addition to my collection.

coat/ manteau: Isabel Marant - scarf/écharpe: Dries van Noten - pull/sweater: COS- jeans: H&M - shoes/chaussures: Fratelli Rossetti - bag /sac: Céline

The APC gloves on the other hand turned out to be a wild-goose chase: with the mild winter and the fact that the gloves were available online, I assumed finding them in store would be easy. Wrong. After calling and popping by a few stores and corners, I finally found them at the rue Madame boutique and was glad I had the opportunity to try them on there because otherwise I would have lost more time and money had I ordered them from the e-shop. The smallest size was too big for my hands and as sorry as I was to give up on them I knew it was the right call. 

Soon, very soon after this disappointing turn of event, I started to think of a "replacement" purchase for the gloves. 
So instead of the gloves, sales at Zara gave me an opportunity to get the classic camel deep v-neck cashmere sweater I wanted to copycat one of the DvN sales assistant.  

pull/sweater: Zara -pants/pantalon: H&M - shoes/chaussures: Dries van Noten - mittens/mitaines: C&A

Two down, only one to go and at that point, January was not even over...

As it happens one of my eBay search made me stumble upon a long time coveted item, the Uniqlo faux fur peacoat and the moment I saw it, I knew there was no way I just could pass on this occasion.

faux-fur coat/Manteau fausse fourrure: Uniqlo - pull/sweater: COS - jeans: H&M - sneakers/baskets: Nike Blazer x Comptoir des Cotonniers - bag/cabas: Céline

In all logic, this third buy should have marked the end of the shopping right? 

Why, there was still the matter of the black jeans of course which were found at Uniqlo. My "excuse" to cave in relying on the fact that I really needed them and wouldn't break my bank account even if I did break my promise... Twisted.

coat/manteau +jeans : Uniqlo - top: Dries van Noten - scarf/écharpe: Isabel Marant - sneakers/baskets: Eden - bag /sac: Céline

For a complete disclosure, by February, once the ban was officially broken, I felt no guilt getting the Acne Canada scarf in camel which was neither on the list nor a necessity...

leather jacket/Veste cuir: ASOS - scarf/écharpe + pull/sweater + boots: Acne Studios - jeans: Uniqlo - bag : Céline

voilà, this ban taught me or rather enhanced what I honestly had figured out:

Focusing on a limit of purchases allowed made me realize that the vast majority of my buys, though 95% of the time thoughtful because the permanent goal in my mind is wearability, compatibility with the rest of my belongings - were unnecessary impulsive ones (i.e. a 4th blue shirt, another pair of black cropped pants, the umpteenth grey sweater, etc.) justified by the fact that most are "inexpensive" or at least affordable. 

Controlling these shopping habits were at times incredibly frustrating because often related to stress, to an easy access to stores as a way-out, a feel-better excuse. 

Even if I failed to completely enforce this ban, it has this lasting positive effect -besides the money saved- to make me even more assertive about my shopping choices. At the slightest doubt, I don't buy it. If it's cute but feels like déjà-vu -as in, already featured in my wardrobe-  I don't buy it.

So as a matter of fact, my fashion envies have soared - I want so so many things- especially since the bout of spring we had in Paris but my actual purchases are few not to say rare.  

What's your status regarding shopping nowadays? Do you have a shopping philosophy/process to restrain your purchases?

dimanche 2 mars 2014

In Virginia's steps

The US Vogue team may not get as much attention (and praise) as the Paris one for their streetstyle but to me, Virginia Smith and Grace Coddington are as equally inspiring as their French colleagues.

I especially appreciate Virginia's recent take on the whole oversize look: large outerwear and pants ensemble and slip-on sneakers. No usual small/big counterpoint here, no timid baggy trousers and tiny fitted jacket or wide coat with skinny pants and teetering heels, she's all in.

The effect of this silhouette seen on runways and mags looked positively relaxed yet modern and elegant. Still, the trick with looks hot off the shows/press is to grasp their translation to the real world, on non-models figures.

Grace's black and white outfit is an easier approach, her peacoat has a regular fit, balances her wider pants and in the grand scheme, this look is certainly much more flattering and suitable on most women.

But after spending almost all season with my oversized coats and slim pants, testing a more daring option sounded appealing.

Grace and Virginia (buro247.com.ua)

Virginia at the NYFW (Fabsugar)

Taking advantage of a bright warm spring-like day, picking clues from Virginia, I decided to remain in a subdued color palette, to avoid visual clashes and give a more linear effect to the look. Otherwise, I added a couple of grey touches including a college casual sweatshirt. And I was rather pleased with the result.

I'm wearing: Filippa K Inès coat - COS scarf - APC sweater -Isabel Marant Etoile cords - Eden Paris slip-on sneakers - Celine tote bag - batik shopping bag from Bénin

What are your inspirations lately? Is there anyone who drove you to try a little change in your style ?

vendredi 21 février 2014

Hey! That's my bag!!

What's your reaction when spotting something you own on someone else? How does it makes you feel? 
Because seeing the picture below, the first thought running through my head was "Hey! that's my bag!!" and prompted me to pause and think through the unjustified (?) excitement I felt. 

Tommy Ton

In my case, it's first a disbelief moment - sudden recognition mixed with bewilderment then exhilaration.

Let me explain: Despite being perfectly aware of our era of mass (fashion) production and the obvious consequence being that most of what I own comes in several copies, there's still this pang of surprise when life's hazard put me in the same location and time of someone wearing or holding that identical something belonging to the both of us.

To me exclusivity is a mirage I'm not drawn to: I don't have the means nor the time for it. However, I carefully choose what to bring home and make mine. So the connection I feel with most of my belongings is both thoughtful and for some also a bit emotional.

Which may explain that when I spot something that's in my closet, especially an item I have a peculiar affection for, on another woman, I get that weird unjustified pride of the shared appreciation - I presume - we feel for this common item.

It actually delights me, and it may sound shallow but a couple of my best friendships started on that common ground of owning the same things. 
With strangers I only dare giving a smile when the random-people-wearing the-same-item situation happens, but judging from some haughty snubs I sometimes receive, my perception is not necessarily shared....

So what about you? Are you pleased, indifferent, annoyed in this kind of situation?

dimanche 16 février 2014

Tenue du jour - Sunday shining

Another stressful week passed leaving me no time nor energy to blog. Again.

But thanks to a glorious sunny almost spring like Sunday, I managed to set aside my initial plans to vegetate and catch up with House of Cards while gorging myself with jasmine tea and cakes for a Camion qui fume burger and fries (!), an unexpectedly uplifting viewing of the Dallas Buyers Club, an invigorating late afternoon hour long walk, listening to my favourite music. And the weather allowing, I was able to put on my favourite fall coat. All in all, it was a rather good day!

I hope you all had a great week-end!

coat - manteau: "Inès" Filippa K // scarf -écharpe: "Canada" Acne Studios - jeans: Uniqlo // sneakers - baskets: Nike Blazer x Comptoir des Cotonniers // bag - sac: Céline Trio

dimanche 9 février 2014

Of length and faux-fur

This week has been quite hectic and a bit depressing so taking outfit pictures and blogging were the last things on my mind. 

However here is a shot from last Sunday's ensemble. I'm wearing again my latest acquisition, a faux fur coat I've been quite smitten with. 

It's one of those items which has been perpetually on my wish-list. 

What I find appealing in such outerwear is the cosy factor the faux-fur texture adds to any look and depending on what it's teamed with, can either be very classic or casual, works for date night or running errands. In short, it's versatile, a quality I'm very attached to.

Despite being very trendy and visible in stores for the past 2-3 years, finding the right faux-fur coat in terms of fit (streamlined cut), colour (plain black, grey or beige, nothing colourful/multicoloured), material (smooth to the touch, nothing shaggy) and price (budget friendly, not above 100 euros) proved quite difficult.

All the more since, I knew exactly what I wanted and the perfect one for me was this Uniqlo number dating back to more than 3 years ago (see this December 2010 post). Of course, it was sold out by the time I realized it could be the one and the fact that I never had the chance to even try it on didn't deter my obsession about it. Quite the opposite in fact and I've been on the lookout for it ever since. 

Long story short: I found it on eBay a few weeks ago and was incredibly excited about it, only to be rather disappointed when it finally arrived from a long US to France trip by its lacklustre condition. Otherwise, it was just how I had imagined it: the classic universally flattering peacoat cut, the deep black and soft fabric. Fortunately, the dry-cleaners next door saved the day and last week-end I was able to enjoy my "new" coat. At last!

So I'm wondering if I'm the only one obsessing about an item and tracking it down season after season? To what length would you go for the item you want?

beanie/ bonnet: Eric Bompard - scarf /écharpe + shoes/chaussures: Dries van Noten - faux fur coat/manteau en fausse fourrure + gloves/gants: Uniqlo - sweater/pull: Zara - jeans: H&M - bag/sac: Céline

vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Tenue du jour

Even if I'm not buying, I couldn't resist trying out a few new things at COS today. 

And I'm glad I did: after fantasizing over several items on their websites, the changing room session was a most welcome reality check featuring ill fit, so-so, no way, "I should stop eating that M&S berry cheesecake" and "I like it but when/where will I wear it?". 

I left the store empty handed and clear headed. Felt good to get rid of some delusions.

That's (already) a wrap for January 2014!

faux fur coat & scarf : Uniqlo - cashmere sweater: H&M - jeans : Isabel Marant Etoile - sneakers: Jonak - belt: Isabel Marant x H&M