dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Love rain down on me*

Yeah I love rain down on me when I'm  super well equiped!

It's been a non-stop shower over the Paris area this week-end.

So to avoid the uncomfortable sensation of wet hems and be able to carelessly walk into giant puddles forming on the streets and sidewalks, the obvious option was to tuck my jeans into my Hunter rain boots, add a waterproof hooded parka, a crossbody bag allowing me to hold on to the umbrella when necessary.  

( Parka: Gap / sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile / jeans: Zara / Boots: Hunter )

* A beautiful song by Jill Scott the remix by Mos Def is great as well

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Past Saturdays

Forgot to post that -it's starting to get cold- outfit from last Saturday (a week ago). At that moment wearing a mid-season coat was doable. By the start of the week with a freezing (for Paris) - 5°C in the mornings going up to 0°C at the "warmest" part of the day, I reached out to my down parka and by the end of the week, it was once again spring or back to autumn? So confusing.  

Coat: comptoir des Cotonniers / scarf: Acne Studios / jeans : COS / bag: Balenciaga / boots: Margiela / beanie: Eric Bompard

And this Saturday afternoon, I spent a little time at Le Bon Marché department store where I was looking for that J. Crew duffle coat (no luck), bought Soap Walla organic deodorant creme instead, marvelled at Ai Wei Wei's exhibition and browsed through the very tempting first bits of spring collections. 

coat & jeans: Zara / sweater: H&M /sneakers: Jonak / bag: Balenciaga

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

The fun of sales

Along with basics, sales are a good opportunity to experiment with fashion on a budget. For instance, I was looking for a colorful sweater to change from my boring grey, navy, beige lot. 

I first noticed the raspberry hue, then at the touch, the weighty and prickly quality of virgin wool (blended with a bit of polyamide), the length seemed just spot on - not too short or long and the volume when I tried it on finished to conquer me. Imagination did its job as I could figure out that this color would make an interesting match with most of my outerwear and bottoms.


Every winter it's the same thing, I want a shearling coat.
Every winter I renounce because the ones I want are way too expensive - even on sales. And every winter, I disdain the fake shearling coats because they look, well, fake. Not to mention that some are almost as pricy as the real ones... What's the point then?
This reversible coat is really cute even though I don't expect to keep me warm at all or even to last very long, in the meantime it will satisfy my craving.


dimanche 17 janvier 2016

The basics of sales

Sales have started about 10 days ago so the second markdown is on and the crowd less intense which is I why used my free Friday to stop by the stores.

Sales shopping for me falls into 2 categories: renewing the basics and adding a little fashion extravaganza.

First the basics are on my radar. It's what I wear most and discard half-heartedly after intense use so they need to be good quality: I look for natural fabric (cotton, wool, linen), they need to be well-made: I inspect for loose stitches, try it on for fit of course, look out for lopsided parts that will annoy me and care instructions to avoid dry-cleaning only. 

Among those basics, there are items I buy every winter sales like clockwork:

  • Bompard's 100% cashmere socks. They're still expensive at around 38 euros after discount but they're worth every cent when it gets seriously cold. 
  • Underwear from Muji is also a good investment: no loosing shape, no elastic fraying and holds up wash after wash
  • Uniqlo's Heattech thermal tshirt. 

Others are more happenstance. I foraged into H&M looking for shoes from the new collection and couldn't find them. Instead, I saw these striped tops which had caught my attention earlier in the season. I liked that they were not again a navy or black on white stripes variation (which I have too many spares of, provided not the same cut or material but still...) and yet could easily blend in with the rest of my clothes. Also needed to freshen up this item category which suffers a lot. 

I know without a doubt, that I'll wear these and that they won't turn out to be mistakes. I actually already wore the bordeaux/grey one this morning. 


Next up are the "fun" sales purchases. TBC.

vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Winter uniform # 1

At one point during the season, I'm going to turn to one of my uniform. I have a few oufits that I replicate all the time. I'll play it up with differents accessories and new purchases of course but at the core it stays the same.  

There's the winter work uniform: it's my professional go-to outfit for when I just don't know what to wear or I'm too tired/in a hurry to think of an original look. 

I came up with it (unknowingly) since acquiring the Uniqlo coat back in fall 2013, it kind of fell into place once I had it.

The look is very basic and minimal designed to fit my corporate environment. In terms of colors, it's camel and either black or gray, as for cuts: a very classic trench coat, straight pants and footwear is high heeled boots. 

It's such an easy combination, no "creative thinking" involved - the most dangerous process (at least for me) when you're trying to figure out what to wear and have to rush to get your subway commute on time.

Last Thursday was my first take at the uniform this year but certainly not the last!

coat: Uniqlo / scarf: Acne Studios / pants: Gap / boots: Colisée de Sacha / bag: Céline

Here below some proof over the last couple of years that I'm a uniform "repeat offender"!

March 2015:

And March 2014, shot by Jade on Place de la République for after-work drinks!

Do you have a "uniform"? Is it for a specific situation, like I had a 'going out' uniform back when I used to go out a lot more or a date outfit. Now it's basically work/not work uniforms! Haha! Please share!

mercredi 13 janvier 2016

I really love my

& Other Stories chelsea boots.

They had me when I saw them on the brand's eshop back in September 15, so much so that I saved their picture on my PC's wishlist folder.  

When I saw them in real life last december, the last pair and in my size, I didn't hesitate and brought them back home.

They're tough, rugged, their high shaft elongating the legs, the tab at the back, the serrated sole with that all-terrain aesthetic. I love their simple, practical design. 

I feel good and badass wearing them with skinny jeans tucked in.

One of my best footwear purchase in 2015.

lundi 11 janvier 2016


I only knew one thing about the outfit I wanted to wear last Saturday: I really wanted to wear my brand new scarf. 

I had bought it just the day before, after it caught my eyes when I was innocently heading back home through the giant mall at the heart of Paris "le forum des halles". As I was stealthily trying to avoid the flows of shoppers, while passing by stores I saw a scarf in a window with that keffieh-like pattern I'd been looking for but it was pink. That sight nonetheless prompted me to turn around and take a closer look. The scarf was displayed in several candy colors but when I found the last one in black and white, a big hurray popped up in my head.

After washing it at home, I couldn't wait to put it on. Always a good sign when an item provokes such an impatient desire to be used right away. 

As I thought it was enough of a statement, I wanted the rest of my outfit to be "quiet". Since it was yet another warm and sunny winter day, I didn't want to be too Morticia so the compromise was sticking to a major grey tonal background with a few black notes. After grasping that step, it was easier to decide which clothes, footwear and bag would make the cut and I was out of the door very fast. 

First stop of the day was the library where I picked up an Isabel Allende novel "La Isla bajo del Mar" (so far very very good, a raw, honest and moving "fiction" set in Saint-Domingue before it was renamed Haïti during slavery. It's a rare thing to lend the voice and thoughts of an enslaved woman and I'm in awe of the talent of Mrs Allende to do so in such an intelligent, humanizing way without ever falling in the romanticized pitfall) and "Philida", a semi bio by André Brink. 

After an always fun little viewing session of Doctor Who in the afternoon, I went to the mall on a mission to find tights but quickly fled back home from the first saturday of sales crowd after finding what I was looking for at Uniqlo.  

coat: Isabel Marant /sweatshirt & tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - pants: Uniqlo - sneakers : Eden Shoes / bag: Balenciaga / scarf: ystrdy - I am / beanie: Bompard

I hope everyone had a great week-end!