lundi 28 juillet 2014


During summertime, one of my favorite color duo is black and white, most often a white top and black bottom, like here:

Pendant l'été, l'un de mes duo de couleurs préféré est le noir et blanc, assez souvent un top blanc et un bas noir comme ici:

I'm wearing / je porte: 
Isabel Marant linen tshirt / tshirt en lin  - H&M skirt/ jupe - "Gizeh" Birkenstock - YSL "Downtown" bag/ sac

It's a classic contrast I don't tire of. 

Another B&W combination is also getting a lot of spotlight lately: blue & white. Blue is my go-to color during summer and as a nod to the typical coastal association, I've been wearing different shades of blue with accents of white these past days. 

I don't know if color truly has a therapeutic effect but at least that's a combination that I find bright and soothing, especially when the clothes have a loose airy cut and that I'm teaming it with casual accessory like a straw bag.  The ensemble really reflects the summery laidback mood I want to enjoy. 

What's your summer-only favorite color assocation?

C'est un contraste classique dont je ne me lasse pas. 

Une autre combinaison vedette en ce moment est le bleu et blanc. Le bleu est ma couleur de prédilection pour l'été et en clin d’œil à l'association typiquement bord de mer, j'ai porté divers teintes bleues avec des accents de blanc, ces derniers jours.

Je ne sais pas si  la couleur a réellement un effet thérapeutique mais au moins c'est une combinaison que je trouve lumineuse et apaisante surtout quand les vêtement ont une coupe lâche et aérée et que j'accessoirise le tout d'un cabas en raffia. Le tout reflète bien l'ambiance relax et estivale dont j'ai envie de profiter. Quelle est votre association de couleur préférée pour l'été?

I'm wearing/Je porte: 
Isabel Marant Etoile shirt/chemise - Uniqlo jeans - Creeks x André wedges sandals/sandales compensées - YSL "Downtown" bag/sac

I'm wearing / Je porte:
Blouse: H&M LOGG - pants/ pantalon: Zara TRF- mules: Birkenstock "Madrid" - bag/sac : Celine "Trio"

lundi 21 juillet 2014

4 summers

4 summers, 4 julys since 2010, from my early thirties to mid. It's a time long enough for a throwback and see what changed or not.

The most obvious changes were physical I guess, as during that period, I went through health issues that made me lose a lot of weight.
It was in the summer of 2010 that I decided to chop off my long relaxed hair and stop chemically straightening them, so I found myself with a buzz cut.
Now not everything's resolved but at least I've gained back some weight. My natural hair has been growing and along with it I've been learning to take care of it, dispelling the preconceived idea I carried on of my own helplessnees when it came to haircare/style. 

Altogether, during these past years my life took a more adult-size turn and pattern.

While my style, no matter the season and as far as I can remember, has always been laidback with the priority to feel at ease and good about myself, eventually, how did these 4 years got translated in my (summer) style? Did my tastes drastically evolve?

July 2010

I was wearing:
pic 1: t-shirt, skirt: H&M - tote bag: Vanessa Bruno - low wedges sandals: New Look
pic 2: t-shirt: H&M - skirt: Comptoir des Cotonniers - bag from Burkina Faso
pic 3: dress : H&M - fabric brogues: New Look - bag: Vanessa Bruno

Would I wear these july 2010 outfits now? 

Yes for the 1st look.
No, for the last 2: I don't  recognize myself in these looks anymore.
The long printed skirt, the draped dress: no, no, no. One is too boho and that's a style that I just don't like for me anymore and the third look is too gimmicky trendy, smells of try hard! Haha! That's something I would never think of wearing again.

What remains /is gone:
Everything in these pictures: clothes, accessories, footwear was either sold, given away or thrown out.

The sequined Vanessa Bruno tote was cute but too impractical. I dreamt of owning that bag in my 20's but couldn't afford it and getting it in my 30's felt a bit like a revenge on the past purchase. I was content to finally get that bag. However after a few wears, I was over it. It was too girly for me, I had satisfied my 20 yr old fantasy and moved on.

the long printed skirt (Comptoir des Cotonniers) lasted a couple more summers till I found a hole in it last year which along with my falling out of the boho style prompted its demise.

the  linen tee (H&M): I don't remember the exact circumstances of its exit. The fact that I discovered Isabel Marant's linen tees which are far less transparent and more durable must have played a part in its disappearance.

the grey pencil skirt (H&M) was one of my favorite all year round basic, I wore it in winter with tights and ankle boots, in summer with sandals, in fall/spring with ballet flats and reluctantly had to let it go after several years of use when it just wore out.

Other items went away essentially because of rapid loss of interest (draped H&M dress, New Look fabric brogues) or breaking down after much use (leather saddle bag from Burkina Faso, New Look wedges).


The 1st outfit has the seeds of my current preferences with neutral colors, classic skirt teamed with a basic tshirt.
Even if the fabric brogues (3rd pic) fall in the WTF category, this kind of shoes certainly is now a staple in my daily style, especially come handy on rainy summer days.

Overall, I've toned down a lot the whole boho aspect. I no longer wear very bright colors and loud prints which I actually only did during summer. I think I've simply outgrown this influence as a whole. A bit of wax or batik here and there, a 70's vibe, etc. can still find their way in my outfits though.

July 2011

I was wearing: 
pic 1: jacket: Uniqlo - t-shirt: H&M-  shorts: Isabel Marant Etoile - sandals: André - bag: YSL "Downtown"
pic 2: dress: Isabel Marant Etoile - sandals: André - bag: YSL "Downtown"
pic 3: jacket, skirt: H&M  - tshirt: WE - low wedges sandals: New Look - bag: YSL "Downtown"

Would I wear these july 2011 outfits now?

On the fence here, I feel that the fit of these looks was a bit off, lacking structure and definition for the first two but the color palette beige and blue, grey colors that's still mostly "me".

What remains/is gone:

I still own:
The YSL "Downtown" raffia tote. I'd just bought it, can you tell? Haha! Again, not the most practical bag but I'm balking at the idea of letting it go. I still love the shape, the mix of raffia and leather... Writing about it, makes me want to wear it again! That's a good sign!  

The Uniqlo linen jacket : One of my summer staple. It's lightweight without any lining, it's washable and  perfect when too hot for a blazer but I still want a coverup that I can casually fold in my bag later. A shame, Uniqlo doesn't produce this item anymore. I'd love to get this  in navy !

Everything else is gone. I sold the dress and shorts (both Isabel Marant Etoile). Retired the jacket as well as the sandals.
Dress had an ill-fit after taste. Couldn't pinpoint exactly what was not alright so I let it go.
Jacket (H&M): Didn't age well and lost its shape after that one summer. 
Sandals (André - pics 1 & 2): broke down after severe use over a couple or more summers including a trip to West Africa.


I really wanted to embrace shorts in my summer style but no matter the fit or brand, summer after summer, I just don't feel good in them. I have recently come to the "sad" conlusion that I'm not a shorts -in the city- person. Pity, I really like the popular style but no more shorts for me.

The loose fit, the suit inspired outfits, almost every summer ensembles teamed with flat sandals are still largely part of the way I dress nowadays.

July 2012

I was wearing:
pic 1 : shirt: Uniqlo - jeans: H&M - sandals: Isabel Marant "Merry" - bag: Céline
pic 2: jacket, knit sweater: H&M - pants: Zara - sandals: Isabel Marant - Bag: City Balenciaga
pic 3: tshirt: H&M - skirt: New Look - sandals: Isabel Marant

Would I wear these outfits now? 

Yes, more or less. The 3rd one is a no-brainer, I'd wear this look anytime : I really like that kind of mix, tailored, conservative skirt with cool t-shirt and flats. As for the first two, I'd just swap bags for my black tote or trio mini bag.

what remains/is gone:

Just spotted a tear in the navy v-neck sweater (H&M) so this one is a goner. Besides that, the rest still fits/ is in spot-on condition / loved / in use.

Changes ?:

I can't think of a significant style fall out or evolution since july 2012. I noticed though that my funkier bags don't get into rotation as much as they used to. The non-descript ones are really getting more use. To the point where I'm considering selling the red Céline tote but maybe that's just a phase so I'm not rushing out on the selling process.

July 2013 

I cheated a bit for this collage of outfits because I didn't publish a single article on the blog last year, so outfits pics are from my july 2013 Instagram feed.

I was wearing:
pic 1 : jumpsuit: Isabel Marant Etoile - mules: "Madrid" Birkenstock - bag: City Balenciaga
pic 2: dress: APC - sandals: Isabel Marant "Merry" - bag: Céline
pic 3: knit sweater: APC - jeans : H&M - bag: Céline - sneakers: Comptoir des Cotonniers x Nike Blazer

Would I wear these 2013 outfits now?

Well, for the most part I would.  It's still very much consistent with my current tastes.The last look feels a bit "young", looking back I would wear other jeans and/or footwear.

What remains/is gone:

Every single one of them is still in my possession. BUT seeing the 3rd pic makes me feel like I should ditch those skinny ripped H&M jeans stat! They're awful! Can't believe that I really liked these barely a year ago! Certainly a case of trend-itis! I guess once the fever's passed, I'm now cured of my desire of skinny ripped jeans...

The linen striped knit (APC) is  incredibly versatile, breathy, a real summer/mid-season classic. So glad that I scored it during 2013 summer sales. The jumpsuit (also a 2013 summer sales purchase) falls in the lesser used category but I'm a sucker for jumpsuits/overalls so even if I only wore it once this summer 2014 so far I'm not willing to give it up.

Once again, I can't think of a significant difference or evolution of my tastes since these pictures were taken. However, compared to a few years ago, I'm noticing that my casual approach is now based on more expensive clothes/brands. I always try to limit the financial impact by purchasing second-hand or during sales but the way I shop has definitely changed. 

july 2014

I was wearing:
pic 1: tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - skirt : H&M - mules: Birkenstock - hat : no brand - bag : Céline
pic 2: top: Madewell - jeans: H&M - sandals: Isabel Marant - hat : no brand - bag : Céline
pic 3: dress custom made in Bénin - sandals: Birkenstock - hat : no brand - bag : Céline

In this case, "what remains/ is gone" is  a bit irrelevant though you can see that my love affair with Birkenstock's "Madrid" mules continues, same goes for the Isabel Marant "Merry" sandals which are now a couple of seasons old. The linen long skirt and jeans are old H&M and the batik dress was tailored made in Bénin in 2011. The most recent items are the hat (last summer), trio bag (fall 2013), striped tshirt and black top (summer 2014).

These outfits are very recent so there's not enough distance to determine their impact or the longevity of the most recently acquired items. Yet I think that these 3 looks really suit my current state of mind and translate the quiet and cool harmony I want to feel during summer.

What remains consistent over successive summers since 2010 :

I like having enough "coverage", i.e. no mini -anything- for me, standard length is around the knee. No deep cleavage or backless either. Maybe I would if vacationing in say Formentera island but in Paris, no thank you.

My love affair with linen : tops, outerwear, dresses, bottoms, etc. I'm hoarding anything made of linen for summer wear. You either love ot or hate it, I love the fabric's crease, its lightness and freshness. 

Flat or low wedge sandals in a minimal design and color (black or tan leather): I dont' see any other option for comfortable and versatile summer footwear.When it's hot, the last thing I want is to compress my feet in closed shoes and add heels to the torture.
What changed since 2010:

Overall, I was far more "experimental" back in the summers of 2010 - 2011, which, to my level was not off the charts extravaganza... My summer style has just gotten a lot simpler, toned down as years went by. And I guess that answers my july 2012 thoughts :
"My printed, brightly colored, flowy clothes are in plain sight in my closet and I still like them but this indifference I feel towards them feels like a change of heart, maybe only temporary? Or maybe, I'm finally on a coherent style path no matter the season. We'll see..."
Voilà, end of lenghty "me, myself and I" post. Please share your own summer style evolution, I'd love to read your thoughts!

dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Work it! Au boulot!

It's summer, Paris is filled with tourists, city slickers are slowly going away (Yeah! the métro is less crowded, the ambiance almost gets cool by Paris standards), it's beautiful and hot -when the weather's willing (which it is not right now...) and I'm dreaming of elsewhere watching my Instagram feed but I've got to work...

Yet just because the mood is to vacations is no excuse to dress sloppily for work even if, as always, being all done up is not my taste either so I'm always looking for the happy medium: a look that's fresh and summery -to make the most of the season while maintaining a certain formality. 

So I mix up:
  • tailored elements in natural light fibers, say, a trench or a jacket but in linen for chilly mornings,
  •  the everlasting chino pants is also an all-purpose sidekick, comfy but dressier than shorts/boyfriend jeans/ my other loose but too funky for work pants,
  • stripes or prints to brigthen up the ensemble
  • flat open toes sandals or with a slim low wedge. 
That's basically my summer work uniform.

And when I'm feeling uninspired or tired of it, I switch to my other favorite, a bit of a retro 50's - fitted monochrome graphic but functional ensemble that always works for me:
  • strict boxy top 
  • capri pants/ straight short skirt
  • possibly, a fitted 3 holes dress
  • pointy flats
What's your summer at work uniform?

Exemple of the "retro" version // exemple de la version "rétro":

I'm wearing/je porte: 
Top: Cos - pants /pantalon: Zara - ballet flats / ballerines : Jonak - tote bag / cabas: Céline

The hot in july work uniform version // La version temps chaud en juillet de ma tenue de travail:

I'm wearing/ je porte:
linen trench / trench en lin: Comptoir des Cotonniers - tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - pants/pantalon: H&M - wedge sandals / sandales compensées: Creeks x André - tote bag/cabas : Céline

The cold and rainy in july version // La version il fait froid et il pleut en juillet :

I'm wearing / je porte:
cotton trench / trench en coton : Zara - linen knit / pull en lin : APC - pants / pantalon : Zara - richelieus / oxfords : Dries van Noten

C'est l'été, Paris est remplie de touristes, les citadins s'en vont peu à peu (youpi! Moins de monde dans le métro, l'ambiance est relativement plus cool à Paris), il fait beau et chaud -enfin quand la météo veut bien (ce qui n'est pas le cas ces derniers jours...) et je rêve d'ailleurs en consultant Instagram... Mais je dois bosser.

Pas question pour autant parce que l'humeur est aux vacances de se laisser aller et d'arriver débraillée au bureau, même si comme toujours je ne suis pas non plus une fan du trop apprêté donc je cherche toujours le juste milieu, une tenue qui soit à la fois fraiche, estivale histoire de profiter quand même de la saison tout en maintenant une certaine formalité. 

Du coup je mélange:
  • éléments à la coupe ajustée en tissus naturels: un trench ou une veste oui mais en lin pour les matins frisquets, 
  • l'éternel chino passe-partout, confortable mais plus habillé que des shorts/jeans/tous mes autres pantalons stylés mais pas portables au bureau
  • de la rayure ou un imprimé pour égayer le tout
  • des nus-pieds ou des sandales avec un léger compensé.
C'est pratiquement ma tenue de travail pour l'été.

Et quand je manque d'inspiration ou que je suis un peu à saturation de mon uniforme, je passe à mon autre panoplie préférée, d'inspiration un peu rétro années 50, graphique, monochrome mais fonctionnelle qui marche toujours pour moi:
  • top stricte aux lignes carrées
  • pantalon capri ou jupe courte 
  • éventuellement robe simple 3 trous ajustée
  • ballerines pointues
Et, vous quelles sont vos idées de tenues de travail pour l'été ?

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Tenue du jour

Allez une petite tenue du jour postée sur le blog, ça faisait longtemps... 

Une touche de tissu Wax, un pantalon kaki large donnent un look un peu "roots" et confortable pour arpenter le boulevard Haussmann et faire quelques essayages en cette période de soldes... Sujet à suivre.

It's been awhile since I posted an outfit du jour on the blog, here's what I wore today...

A touch of Wax print, loose kaki pants lend a bit of back to my roots touch and comfy outfit to stroll down Haussmann boulevard and make a few stops by the changing rooms during sales.  More on that later.

Top fait main au Bénin/ handmade in Benin Republic top - Pantalon/pants: Zara (collection actuelle) - sandales: Birkenstock "Madrid" - sac/bag: Céline Trio

lundi 16 juin 2014

Private sales - ventes privées

Blouse brodée "Buny" Isabel Marant Etoile (vendu)
couleur crème
taille 36
En excellent état, pas de trou, tâche, aucun défaut
en coton
mesures approximatives: longueur 51 cm/ épaules 40 cm/ largeur poitrine 55 cm/ Manches: 54 cm
prix boutique 260 euros
170 euros + FDP (6 euros en Colissimo pour la France)
Paiement par virement bancaire ou Paypal

"Buny" embroidered blouse by Isabel Marant Etoile (sold)

size 36
Creme color
in excellent condition, no holes, tears, stains. No defects.
In cotton.
approximative measurements: length 51 cm/ shoulders 40 cm/ Bust 55 cm / sleeves length: 54 cm
Retail price 260 euros
170 euros +  shipping fees
Payment by bank  transfer or Paypal

Baskets New Balance pour Comptoir des Cotonniers (vendu)
running modèle 420
pointure 38 mais ce modèle taille petit, convient plus à un 37 ou petit 37,5 maximum
En excellent état, très peu portées car un peu juste pour mon 37,5 -38
Mesures approximatives: longueur semelle extérieur 27 cm / semelle intérieure: 24 cm
Prix boutique 90 €
70 € + FDP (8 euros en Colissimo pour la France)
Paiement par virement bancaire ou Paypal

New Balance for Comptoir des Cotonniers sneakers (sold)
size 38 but these model runs small, fits a 37 or 37,5 tops
Approximative measurements : outer sole 27 cm / inner sole: 24 cm
retail price 90 euros
70 € + shipping fees
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal


 crédit: comptoir des cotonniers

crédit : comptoir des cotonniers

vendredi 13 juin 2014

Friday the 13th

Si je gagne le jackpot au loto ou/et (soyons fou!) à Euro Millions ce soir... Déjà, vous aurez encore moins de mises à jour que d'habitude, bon, ok quelques shots sur Instagram depuis ma plage privée paradisiaque...

Ensuite, finis les coups d’œil inquiets sur l'app de mon compte en banque tout en cliquant sur la fonction calculatrice de l'iPhone et en déduisant le nombre de jours restant jusqu'à la paie!

Surtout, je me fais plaisir illico avec cette tenue estivale dont je rêve...

Bon vendredi 13 et puis finalement, dieu merci, c'est vendredi!

If I ever win the French lottery or/and (let me be crazy!) the Euro Millions jackpot tonight... First, you'll get even less blog updates than usual, ok maybe I'll share a few shots on Instagram from my heavenly private beach...

Next, I'll be done with quick looks on my app's bank account while clicking on the iPhone's calculator and deducting the number of days left till pay day!

Above all, I'll indulge and get this summery outfit I've been dreaming of...

Wish you all a great Friday the 13th and anyway, thank god it's friday!

dimanche 1 juin 2014

April and May: new and old in

Les premiers frémissements du printemps ont déclenché une sacré fièvre acheteuse. Même si par anticipation, j'avais réinstallé la plupart de mes vêtements de mi-saison afin de prévenir cette frénésie cyclique et prévisible d'achats, cela n'a manifestement pas suffi à m'arrêter...

The first signs of spring outbreak sent me in a crazy spending mood. Even if I had carefully put back most of my spring clothes in anticipation of this predictable shopping frenesy in order to prevent it, it clearly wasn't enough to stop me... 

Achats d'avril / April purchases:

Ballerines Chloé (seconde main)- envie/besoin: cela fait bien plusieurs années maintenant que j'ai un gros coup de cœur pour ces ballerines à la découpe festonnée et trouvais qu'elles seraient idéales en alternance avec mes autres ballerines mais les payer plein pot était difficilement concevable pour mon budget. Je les ai trouvées en parfait état sur Vestiaire Collective avec une décote significative et comme la paie venait de tomber je n'ai pas hésité longtemps et me suis fais plaisir!

Chloé ballet flats (second-hand) - fancy/need:I have been crushing one these scalloped cut ballet flats for a couple of years now and thougth they'd be ideal to alternate with my other ballet flats but couldn't bring myself to buy them full price considering my budget. I found them in perfect condition with a significant discount and as the paycheck had just dropped I didn't hesitate for long and indulged myself! 

Blouse "Buny" Isabel Marant Etoile (seconde main) - (vieille) envie: je la cherchais depuis le printemps 2012 où aussitôt en boutique, aussitôt en rupture de stock. 2 ans plus tard, elle est finalement mienne!

Isabel Marant Etoile "Buny" blouse in white (second-hand) - (old) fancy: I've been on the lookout for this one ever since it sold out as soon as it hit the stores back in 2012. 2 years later, it's finally mine!

Veste en lin "Chuck" Isabel Marant Etoile (seconde main) -besoin: J'ai eu cette veste dans une couleur moutarde mais je l'ai revendue il y a bien longtemps maintenant sans plus y penser du tout et puis soudainement il y a quelques mois, je commence à faire une fixette sur une veste en lin coupe large, histoire d'avoir une version printanière de la Bator et là, c'est fini je ne pense plus qu'à "ma" veste. Heureusement qu'il y a internet pour réparer les vieilles bourdes et j'ai pu la retrouver mais en bleu.

Isabel Marant Etoile "Chuck" linen jacket (second-hand) - needed: I had that jacket in a  mustard color, sold it a long time ago and didn't think about it at all till a few months ago when I suddenly couldn't stop thinking about an oversize linen jacket, in short the mid-season version of the Bator. Thanks to internet, I was able to find it but this time in blue.

Sandales Dries van Noten (neuves) - envie: Pour terminer le mois complètement à sec, je suis tombée complètement dingue de sandales Dries van Noten après les avoir vues sur 2 amies (vous savez qui vous êtes!!) et - je vous épargnerai le compte-rendu de la traque - j'ai réussi à les avoir. Je n'ai pu les porter que 3 fois pour l'instant, merci la météo pourrie (!), ce qui ne fait que renforcer mon adoration et je guette avec impatience le moindre coin de ciel sec pour les porter!

Dries van Noten sandals (new) - fancy: So to end perfectly and entirely broke the month, I went completely mad over DvN sandals after seeing them on 2 friends (you know who you are!!) and -sparing you the recount of the track- I managed to get them. Only wore them three times so far thanks to the crappy weather which however only reinforces my love for these shoes...

Achats de mai/ May purchases:

Je me suis ressaisie en mai et j'ai réussi à limiter mes achats à ce dont j'avais vraiment besoin et mis de côté mes envies pratiquement jusqu'au dernier jour du mois.

I got back on track in May and managed at the start to limit my purchases to what I really needed and put aside the fancies almost till the last day.

Tshirt noir COS (neuf) - besoin: En rangeant mes vêtements d'hiver, j'ai réalisé que je n'avais pas de t-shirt noir à manches longues à part mes Heattech. C'est un basique passe-partout en mi-saison et je me suis mise à la recherche d'un tshirt aux manches 3/4, ni trop étroit, ni trop long/court que j'ai trouvé chez COS.

Black tshirt COS (new) - needed: After swaping winter clothes for lighter ones, I realized I had no black long sleeve tshirt besides Heattech thermals. This kind of top is a versatile mid-season basic and I have thus been searching for one that wouldn't be too tight, long/short with 3/4 sleeve length which I found at COS.


Tennis Bensimon (neuf) - vaguement besoin...
Ajouter une paire de tennis plus "classiques" à mon dressing était sur ma liste d'achats pour ce printemps-été, pour autant ce n'était pas une urgence vu le temps pluvieux. Il a suffi d'un passage impromptu une veille de week-end après le boulot devant la toute nouvelle boutique Bensimon du quartier Montorgueil (j'arrive jamais à me rappeler que c'est rue Montmartre maintenant - enfin depuis un bon moment...) et me voilà avec mes nouvelles tennis taupe en main.

Bensimon sneakers (new) - kind of needed...
Adding a more "classic" pair of sneakers to my dressing was on spring summer shopping list, however there was no emergency to get them considering the rainy weather. All it took was an impromptu after work, on a week-end's eve, walk-by the new Bensimon store near rue Montmartre and here I am with new taupe sneakers in hand.

Cardigan Isabel Marant "Idol" (neuf) - envie: Repéré en début de saison après l'avoir vu porté par Miss Sarah, j'en rêvais. D'autant que la météo plutôt fraiche m'aurait permis de l'étrenner sans problème mais bon, je n'ai eu ni promotion récemment et je ne joue plus au loto donc pas possible d'aligner les euros nécessaires pour pouvoir l'acquérir donc j'ai patiemment attendu les soldes privées et voilà, à moi!!

Isabel Marant "Idol" cardigan/jacket (new) - fancy: Spotted early in the season after seeing it worn by Miss Sarah, I've been dreaming about it. Especially as the cool weather would have allowed me to use it quite adequately alas I got no promotion recently and don't play lottery anymore so it was not possible to  line up the necessary euros to be able to get it so I patiently waited for private sales and voilà, it's mine!!

Honnêtement si j'avais su que j'allais craquer sur les sandales Dries van Noten, je n'aurai pas acheté les ballerines Chloé surtout que grâce à la pluie non stop sur Paris ces dernières semaines, je les ai assez peu portées jusqu'à présent. Mais bon, avec des "si" hein... Malgré tout, même si avec 7 achats en 2 mois j'ai explosé mes restrictions budgétaires et le nombre d'achats prévus, aucun regret à signaler: il n'y a eu aucun ajout inconsidéré. J'ai aussi vendu et remisé certains vêtements et chaussures. Au final, donc plutôt satisfaite d'autant que même si les soldes approchent, je n'ai plus vraiment d'autres envies/besoins à satisfaire.

Honestly had I known that I would fall for the very gorgeous yet expensive Dries van Noten shoes, I wouldn't have bought the Chloé - especially considering the non stop rain we had which prevented me from wearing them lately. Well, anyway with "ifs and buts"... 
Still, despite blowing up my restriction, with 7 purchases in 2 months, I have no regrets: there were no thoughtless additions.In the end I'm rather content especially since even with sales coming up, I don't really have anymore fancies or needs to satisfy.