mardi 21 juin 2016

That off the shoulder trend

When a trend is so overwhelmingly in your face, my first reaction is to step back, then usually cringe at the fashion phenomenon and (mentally) grandly declare in a very Gandalf-y way "You shall not pass".  

So I was pretty firm in my ban of the off the shoulders summer 2016 trend. Not that I didn't like it but it just wasn't me I thought. Too girly, fussy I proclaimed and shrugged it off! (pun intended

Now, only fools don't change (at least partially) their minds... 

Seeing that simple black t-shirt on the rack at H&M made me instantly think that it could be a good compromise: showing the slightest bit of shoulders but no ruffles or frills, nor embroideries. 
Trying it on a few days later confirmed my initial thoughts and I was sold looking at my outfit in the mirror! Haha!  

(off the shoulder tshirt by/tshirt épaules nues H&M LOGG )

dimanche 19 juin 2016

Pullover! - No it's a cardigan...*

I have good outerwear options but lately I've been living in my trench. Mostly because it provides good protection against the unpredictable and tempestuous current weather but at some point during this week I got so fed up with it, had to give it a rest. 

I figured the best alternative would be a parka but again it's gotten so much use already that I immediately set it aside and went for my big navy cardigan. Not ideal when it rains a lot and you add in the wind factor but manageable with the accessory of the season, the big bell umbrella.    

Seriously though, it'd be nice to be able to wear actual summer clothes... Maybe next week?? 

Below, the "work" version with a dark grey blouse, navy and white striped pants, taupe loafers and red tote bag.

Cardigan : Isabel Marant Etoile - blouse : Cos - pants/pantalon: Zara - loafers/mocassins: Jonak - bag/ sac: Céline 

And for the week-end, stripes again but on my t-shirt this time to accompany a silver and off white pleated skirt and slip-on sneakers.

cardigan + tshirt : Isabel Marant Etoile - skirt: H&M - slip-on sneakers / baskets: Eden Shoes - bag: Céline

* Quote from the movie "Dumb and dumber" which I actually never watched - I can't stand Jim Carrey's theatrics, except in The Truman Show and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind - but this scene (here) always make me chuckle.

dimanche 12 juin 2016

In print - in real life

The trench, ankle skinny black pants and ballet flats is one of my regular basic in between seasons outfit. I often rely on this combination when out of ideas (and time) for work and it's become over time one of my uniform.  

Instead of going for my usual black or striped top which I usually wear with this look, I decided to add a little twist and chose my new printed peplum top to shake things up a bit but kept the rest simple and neutral.

I really liked how the top lifted up this look, bringing a renewed interest to this basic - formed out of boredom- ensemble.

I was wearing / je portais:
Trench: Zara Basic - Top: Nash Prints It x Pimkie - pants/pantalon: Uniqlo - ballet flats/ballerines: Lanvin - sac/ bag: Céline

lundi 6 juin 2016

In print

Never had so many prints in my wardrobe.

It goes beyond the basic stripes, the occasionnal plaid, dots and leo. I love the abstract, the geometric forms, the batik, the play and mix of colors.

I'm not a bold person and use them sparingly but I just feel irresistibly drawn to them right now. 

The main reasons behind this graduated print invasion are to cheer up the grey humid days, extend the vacation in Bénin bliss and also about proudly showing my roots.

A small part of my ever-growing print collection: 

Here are a few stylish associations that I've saved on my computer and Pinterest board for inspiration.

I love this take on the loose tank top, midi skirt with sneakers look.


Dress and sneakers, again: one of my favorite casual combination lifted up by the stunning batik print.

 (Gather and See) 

A bit more polished, this combination will inspire my summer work outfits.


Another midi skirt inspiring look:

vendredi 3 juin 2016


Just before going on vacation, I bought myself the Birkenstock's Arizona sandals. 

I had been lurking at them for several seasons, resisting the fashion frenzy surrounding this model by telling myself that I already had the Madrid and the Gizeh so I didn't need another pair.

Yet simply trying them on with freshly painted toes made me forgo my long not another Birkenstock purchase stance. 

Since then I've worn them on any possible occasion and every single day while on holidays. 

Here are the back to Paris versions.

Jacket: H&M - top & jeans : COS - bag: Balenciaga City - shoes: Birkenstock Arizona

Denim jacket: Jacob - dress: Lemaire and Uniqlo - shoes: Birkenstock Arizona - bag : Balenciaga City

jacket: Isabel Marant - blouse: Isabel Marant Etoile - jeans : Zara - shoes : Birkenstock Arizona - bag : Balenciaga City

mardi 31 mai 2016

Back to work

So finally, I didn't give up on my old Zara trench in the end. I patched up what I could, took it to the dry cleaner and decided to make do with it for now since after going on holidays, I'm completely broke and can't afford shopping anything just yet. Since the weather in this neck of the woods is desperately wretched, it turns out useful to be really useful. 

Work look from last wednesday: A rare dry and sunny day since I got back so I decided to put my toes out. Just had enough of boots and loafers. Still had to bundle up a little though.  

Trench: Zara Basic - sweater : H&M - scarf: Isabel Marant Etoile - pants: Gap - sandals: APC - bag: Céline

Thursday: It's been a while since I wore that leopard printed blouse. I've come to realize that most of my shirts and blouses are left unworn in winter in favor of sweaters and t-shirts/thermals. When it gets warmer, I break them out.    

Trench + blouse: Zara Basic - pants: Isabel Marant Etoile - loafers: Jonak - bag: Céline

dimanche 29 mai 2016


I always travel light, dragging a heavy suitcase on a journey is a nightmare and for me vacations is about lightness, letting go of the daily "struggle", not adding more stress. "Forgetting" something at home is the perfect excuse for some local shopping. Moreover considering that I usually reach airports by public transportation which in Paris means lots of staircases, crowded and lengthy connections, not to mention the always possible delays and therefore necessary sprints, I don't want to start holidays with strained muscles, sweaty armpits and shortness of breath because I wanted to bring my whole wardrobe with me.  

So I planned what I would bring, items requiring minimal care/ no iron needed:

5 (mostly linen) tees (orange, navy, blue and white stripes, white, grey),
1 wax patterned skirt
1 patterned pants
1 blue batik pants
1 blue batik dress for "home wear"
1 white linen pants
1 linen dress (in case I wanted to look "fancy" but never wore it in the end)
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of jeans
swimsuit + microfiber pool towel
raffia hat
little straw bag + foldable textile tote
shoes: flip-flop for home, Arizona Birkenstock, APC sandals (never worn) and sneakers for travelling.

For personal care, I tried to transfer most of my products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner -which for the latter was a pain to do and use so won't do it again or will try to find a better container) in travel size bottles. 

Used my mini iPad to download books and consequently save space and weight, got lightweight gifts for family and friends (clothes, accessories). So all in all, my suitcase weighed about 12 kilos, even my limp biceps could manage that alright!

As for the style part on location, obviously it was laid-back but I also wanted to make a clean cut from the end of winter - morose early spring fashion drag experienced in France. So I played with colors, mixed blues and orange, stripes and patterns and I certainly had a lot of fun dressing down, letting my skin breath.

So thankful for this break because the return to Paris and the current French atmosphere has been oppressive...