jeudi 21 août 2014

La Baule

Long walks under the pines,

followed by lengthy and hearty meals filled with fresh fish, seafood, a good Coteaux de Layon wine to drench it all, Armoricain cake, fresh summer fruits.

Fun at the beach in the Atlantic ocean waves,

napping and reading sessions,

the mandatory (delicious) all crêpes dinner doused with cider,

sleeping without earplugs because no city night noises to disturb the peace,

marvelling at the sight of classy boats, the architectures of the splendid late 19th century villas,

and above all cuddling my 10 month old baby nephew.   

I'm cherishing all these moments spent at La Baule and I can't wait to make another trip back !

mardi 12 août 2014

Last thursday

Here's what I was wearing last thursday.

I'm wearing/ je porte
linen jacket/veste en lin: Monoprix - chemise sans manches/sleeveless shirt: Uniqlo - pantalon/pants : Zara - sandales/sandals: Dries van Noten - bag/sac: Céline

vendredi 8 août 2014

Paris - La Baule

I'm heading off to La Baule for the week-end and this is what I feel like bringing with me and wearing on the Atlantic shores. The temperatures forecast are rather "invigorating", so a cardigan and a light scarf will be added in my bag. Have a great week-end!

Sans titre #127

jeudi 7 août 2014

June & July

Il faut vraiment que j'apprenne à fermer ma bouche... ou du moins que j'arrête de mettre par écrit mes aspirations à contrôler ma consommation alors que j'ai le plus grand mal à ne pas céder à mes envies. Ma supposée restriction d'achats prend franchement une tournure embarrassante. En même temps, je me suis aussi débarrassée de quelques vêtements. Pas une excuse pour autant mais j'ai moins la sensation d'être une acheteuse compulsive.

Adidas Stan Smith (eBay) 
L'achat "mode" du mois de juin, après les avoir vues sur internet et partout dans les rues de Paris, je pensais être saturée de ces baskets mais non.

T-shirt en lin rayé "Faxon" Isabel Marant Etoile
Pull noir "Orlane" Isabel Marant Etoile (soldes)
Mes 2 objectifs "officiels" des soldes: un t-shirt rayé manches courtes en lin que je porte constamment et un pull en laine mélangé mi-saison. Bref, du bon basique comme je les aime.

Trench en lin Comptoir des Cotonniers (eBay)
Je voulais un trench estival mais pas ceux qu'on trouve en ce moment à la Céline, en viscose ou synthétique. Celui de Comptoir des Cotonniers, en lin, date de plusieurs saisons déjà et correspond parfaitement à ce que je recherchais : léger mais avec de la tenue, une couleur taupe qui se marie avec la palette de ma garde-robe.

Blouse "Lana" Isabel Marant Etoile : 
J'ai enfin mis la main sur cette blouse!

Top "Memento" Madewell (eBay)
Vu sur le blog de Sue, j'ai craqué pour ce top léger à l'influence lingerie/Isabel Marant.

Pantalon kaki Zara
LE coup de cœur en rayon et confirmé en cabine d'essayage - ce qui est rare chez Zara. J'adore la coupe taille haute, la matière et la subtile inspiration façon pantalon Thaï.
Pantalon bleu marine H&M
Un pantalon bleu marine sans prétentions qui se marie bien avec du gris, blanc, de la marinière qui se décline aussi bien en mode boulot que pour les jours plus relax.

Jupe patineuse H&M 
Une jupe fluide noire toute simple et efficace, là aussi portable en toutes occasions.

Veste Isabel Marant "Uro": dépot-vente
J'étais à la recherche de cette veste depuis le printemps 2012, autant dire que lorsque je l'ai trouvée, oubliées toutes les bonnes résolutions! 

robe débardeur en lin Muji 
Gros coup de cœur pour cette petite robe toute simple que je compte porter autant que possible.

Voilà, c'est tout...

pull/sweater "Orlane" - t-shirt "Faxon" Isabel Marant Etoile

trench Comptoir des Cotonniers

robe en lin /linen dress: Muji

Adidas Stan Smith
Veste/jacket  "Uro" Isabel Marant

I really need to learn to shut my mouth... or at least to stop writing wishful intentions about controlling my spending habits which I've had the hardest time to keep in check. This supposedly shopping restriction is getting embarrassing. However, I did get rid/sold a few items. No excuse but at least I don't feel as much a serial shopper. 

Here's what I got these 2 past months:

Adidas Stan Smith (eBay)
The June "fashion" purchase. After spotting these sneakers all over internet and the streets of Paris, I thought I'd be sick to death with them by now but no.

striped linen tshirt "Faxon" Isabel Marant Etoile
black sweater "Orlane" Isabel Marant Etoile 
My 2 "official" sales goals : a striped short sleeves linen t-shirt, that I've been wearing in and out, almost 2 or 3 times a week. Plus, a mid-season wool mixed sweater that I have yet to wear. In short, good basics, just the way I like them, filling some gaps and needs.

Linen trench Comptoir des Cotonniers (eBay)
I've been craving a summery trench but the ones I saw in stores -à la Céline- are made of synthetic not ideal for the season. The Comptoir des Cotonniers dates back to a few seasons ago is linen and fits what I had in mind: light but with enough material hold, a taupe color mixing well with my wardrobe's palette.

Isabel Marant Etoile "Lana" top (eBay)
Finally found that lovely striped blouse!

Seen on Sue's blog, this breezy lingery top seemed so lovely that I tracked one down on eBay. No regrets.

kaki pants Zara
THE unexpected crush: spotted on the shelves and veted in the changing room - a rarity when it comes to Zara. I instantly liked these trousers with a high waisted cut and a subtle style reference to Thaï pants style.

Simple navy pants for summer that I can wear as well at the office as on casual moments.

skirt H&M
A simple and effective black flirty skirt once again wearable on any occasions.

Isabel Marant "Uro" jacket (consignment store)
I had been looking for this item since the spring of 2012. Suffice to say that when I found it, any resolutions I had was blown away.

Linen tank dress Muji
Big crush on that simple everyday dress that I plan on wearing at any chance.

Voilà, that's all... 

What have you scored lately? Did you manage to keep your spending habits in check? 

lundi 4 août 2014

Black & grey: summer take

Here comes more binary color ensembles!

Now's the turn of black and grey: a familiar duo usually reserved to my fall and winter looks, has been making a summer comeback these past days. 

For this season though, materials, cuts and style are a bit different, adapted to be summer appropriate. 

To keep cool, the cuts are loose, materials, natural to avoid transforming my outfits in sweating suits. 

Overall, the style I'm feeling has more of a sportswear urban touch for casual summer in the city :

Sporty details like these Zara grey marled large pants - sweatpants inspired combined with a basic vest for the first look.

A fleece like top with a pleated dress worn as a skirt,in a nod reminiscent of old-school ladies tennis ensembles.

I'm wearing/ Je porte:
Vest/ débardeur : H&M - pants/ pantalon: Zara - sandals/ sandales: Dries van Noten - bag/ sac: Céline 

I'm wearing/ je porte:
Sweat : Dries van Noten - robe plissée/ pleated dress: Mango - mules : Birkenstock "Madrid" - bag /sac: Céline

dimanche 3 août 2014

I need a dollar

Actually a dollar wouldn't be enough for the few random little treats I want to buy right this minute. You know these little purchases that are not financially painful but instantly lift up your mood, help you get through the day. Lately, it's been music (Little Dragon's "Pretty Girls" and Alt-J's "Hunger of the Pine") and books (Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, Gabaldon's latest Outlander -which I haven't started yet).

I'd rather need:

2,58 €: To download the latest SBTRKT song and James Blake's "Retrograde". Both tracks make me want to start some awkward dance moves in the métro. So far I'm holding myself back and just discreetly tap to the rythmn. The upbeat sounds of the first one lifts me up and the second one's melancholic vibe is hypnotic and the best thing so far from watching HBO's "The Leftovers".

SBTRKT feat Sampha "Temporary View"

James Blake: "Retrograde"

9€ for Dr Bonner Hemp lavender liquid soap (& Other Stories) - I'm a sucker for anything lavender based, so I badly want to try this. The scent is so relaxing and soothing, just what I'd need at the end of the day.

(& Other Stories)

29€ to get these COS earrings. The website pic doesn't do them justice at all: the shape is actually very delicate, fine. They remind me a bit of the vanrycke I've been crushing on for a long time. I really like their simple design, no eye blinding bling or extra details added: I'm crushing on such nice, original and affordable everyday jewelry!


What are your little pleasures lately?

lundi 28 juillet 2014


During summertime, one of my favorite color duo is black and white, most often a white top and black bottom, like here:

Pendant l'été, l'un de mes duo de couleurs préféré est le noir et blanc, assez souvent un top blanc et un bas noir comme ici:

I'm wearing / je porte: 
Isabel Marant linen tshirt / tshirt en lin  - H&M skirt/ jupe - "Gizeh" Birkenstock - YSL "Downtown" bag/ sac

It's a classic contrast I don't tire of. 

Another B&W combination is also getting a lot of spotlight lately: blue & white. Blue is my go-to color during summer and as a nod to the typical coastal association, I've been wearing different shades of blue with accents of white these past days. 

I don't know if color truly has a therapeutic effect but at least that's a combination that I find bright and soothing, especially when the clothes have a loose airy cut and that I'm teaming it with casual accessory like a straw bag.  The ensemble really reflects the summery laidback mood I want to enjoy. 

What's your summer-only favorite color assocation?

C'est un contraste classique dont je ne me lasse pas. 

Une autre combinaison vedette en ce moment est le bleu et blanc. Le bleu est ma couleur de prédilection pour l'été et en clin d’œil à l'association typiquement bord de mer, j'ai porté divers teintes bleues avec des accents de blanc, ces derniers jours.

Je ne sais pas si  la couleur a réellement un effet thérapeutique mais au moins c'est une combinaison que je trouve lumineuse et apaisante surtout quand les vêtement ont une coupe lâche et aérée et que j'accessoirise le tout d'un cabas en raffia. Le tout reflète bien l'ambiance relax et estivale dont j'ai envie de profiter. Quelle est votre association de couleur préférée pour l'été?

I'm wearing/Je porte: 
Isabel Marant Etoile shirt/chemise - Uniqlo jeans - Creeks x André wedges sandals/sandales compensées - YSL "Downtown" bag/sac

I'm wearing / Je porte:
Blouse: H&M LOGG - pants/ pantalon: Zara TRF- mules: Birkenstock "Madrid" - bag/sac : Celine "Trio"