mardi 21 juin 2016

That off the shoulder trend

When a trend is so overwhelmingly in your face, my first reaction is to step back, then usually cringe at the fashion phenomenon and (mentally) grandly declare in a very Gandalf-y way "You shall not pass".  

So I was pretty firm in my ban of the off the shoulders summer 2016 trend. Not that I didn't like it but it just wasn't me I thought. Too girly, fussy I proclaimed and shrugged it off! (pun intended

Now, only fools don't change (at least partially) their minds... 

Seeing that simple black t-shirt on the rack at H&M made me instantly think that it could be a good compromise: showing the slightest bit of shoulders but no ruffles or frills, nor embroideries. 
Trying it on a few days later confirmed my initial thoughts and I was sold looking at my outfit in the mirror! Haha!  

(off the shoulder tshirt by/tshirt épaules nues H&M LOGG )

6 commentaires:

  1. You have cracked it. It is a surprisingly hard trend to pull off actually - apart from the pinging back off the shoulders, worn too low, I always feel too exposed. That little H&M top is a nice subtle take on the whole thing.

  2. LOVE! looks so effortlessly chic and just a little bit sexy. slay, as they say :)

    1. Haha! Now I havé B's "Formation " playing on loop in my mind! Thanks Jade!