dimanche 29 mai 2016


I always travel light, dragging a heavy suitcase on a journey is a nightmare and for me vacations is about lightness, letting go of the daily "struggle", not adding more stress. "Forgetting" something at home is the perfect excuse for some local shopping. Moreover considering that I usually reach airports by public transportation which in Paris means lots of staircases, crowded and lengthy connections, not to mention the always possible delays and therefore necessary sprints, I don't want to start holidays with strained muscles, sweaty armpits and shortness of breath because I wanted to bring my whole wardrobe with me.  

So I planned what I would bring, items requiring minimal care/ no iron needed:

5 (mostly linen) tees (orange, navy, blue and white stripes, white, grey),
1 wax patterned skirt
1 patterned pants
1 blue batik pants
1 blue batik dress for "home wear"
1 white linen pants
1 linen dress (in case I wanted to look "fancy" but never wore it in the end)
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of jeans
swimsuit + microfiber pool towel
raffia hat
little straw bag + foldable textile tote
shoes: flip-flop for home, Arizona Birkenstock, APC sandals (never worn) and sneakers for travelling.

For personal care, I tried to transfer most of my products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner -which for the latter was a pain to do and use so won't do it again or will try to find a better container) in travel size bottles. 

Used my mini iPad to download books and consequently save space and weight, got lightweight gifts for family and friends (clothes, accessories). So all in all, my suitcase weighed about 12 kilos, even my limp biceps could manage that alright!

As for the style part on location, obviously it was laid-back but I also wanted to make a clean cut from the end of winter - morose early spring fashion drag experienced in France. So I played with colors, mixed blues and orange, stripes and patterns and I certainly had a lot of fun dressing down, letting my skin breath.

So thankful for this break because the return to Paris and the current French atmosphere has been oppressive...

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  1. Brava! You look great throughout, and comfortable as well. We do all our travel with carry-on only, so far up to seven weeks at a time (twice), although more often for two to four weeks (easy!). Not having a personal porter or chauffeur and preferring public transit and being at a budget where hotel rooms are generally small, this makes travel so very much more pleasant, enough that I don't mind narrowing my shoe choices. And you make the restriction look very chic.

    1. I'm impressed by your travelling abilities! A carry-on only for so much time, this requires discipline and good preparation. I'm always torn between checked luggage and a carry-on especially when going to Bénin but the nuisances of airport security decided me to put them in the hold.

  2. i love your printed pants! and the snap at the hairdresser is so perfect.

    1. Thanks Jade! I must say between the long hours seated, the power shortage (= no electric fan) and the tugging, this braiding session left me exhausted! Haha!

  3. My favorite look here is your all-white everything with the hat, a look I've been dying to try but lack the courage to do so in my trash-strewn city. Also love all of the batiks. Glad you had a great vacation!

    1. All white is definitely a one day only -if lucky- outfit. I do it also in Paris and take the metro but yeah, at the end of the day everything goes for a wash!

  4. I've been looking for something like your APC sandals (admittedly to wear to work)--it looks like it could be double duty dressed up/down. Is there a heel on it (I can't tell.) and how stiff is the sole?

    You're reminding me that summer is nigh and I should spiffy up my toes!

    1. These sandals (from last summer collection) are so easy and comfortable to wear with a little crepe rubber wedge. That's something I really like about APC, their products are very versatile.
      I think there's a similar model produced this season.

  5. Yay, packing post! It will be a challenge to fit everything I need in a carry-on for my trip to Iceland, but I'm going to try! I definitely don't want to deal with any luggage issues in Iceland, as it will be too expensive to replace things over there. They really make flying such a terrible experience nowadays (unless you're one of the lucky ones who fly first-class). I was going to borrow my mother's Tumi carry-on, but I read in one forum that someone who owned the same model ended up having to check hers in because it was an inch too wide on both sides. Fortunately I found some good luggage that's just the right size.

    Apparently anything in pre-moistened wipes or 'stick' form (like deodorant) don't count as liquids, so I should be able to work around all these rules.

    And thanks for that 3rd photo, I have to add some flip-flops to my 'do not forget' list (which is growing by the second!)

    Love all these casual looks, great job with the planning ;)

    1. Thanks so much!

      Can't wait to follow your Icelandic adventures!! I actually like this kind of packing challenge, makes me feel proud when able to nail it. Feels a bit like Robinson Crusoe/MacGyver to fly in current safety conditions and survive a few days away with just a carry-on! Good luck!
      Flip-flops get a lot of "hate" but they're still the best lightweight home/pool footwear option! :)