dimanche 22 mai 2016

Paris - Cotonou

I'm already back from a few days away to Cotonou but here's my traveling outfit which for once I didn't fuss over days in advance. I elaborated it very quickly and easily. Requirements were that the look had to be: 
  • comfy: stretchy jeans and sneakers to walk up and down airport stairs with luggage;
  • stainproof: not wearing my fanciest items in case of spilling incidents, also darker colors for an easier concealment purpose; 
  • layered: short sleeved linen tee underneath a wool mixed sweatshirt to face the humid heat upon arrival, a big scarf to avoid catching a cold at departure, and 
  • fun: with African textile printed sneakers adding touches of color in a grey and navy base.
At first, I wanted it to be more grown up stylish and wear shoes like loafers or fluid black pants but practicality and common sense won since I knew that for such a short vacation and destination, closed toes shoes were not necessary and jeans were likely more useful for motorcycle rides and other adventures than smartish pants. 

 sweatshirt: Isabel Marant x H&M - jacket/ veste & scarf / écharpe: Isabel Marant Etoile - Jeans: Zara - sneakers /baskets: Keziah Jones x Faguo

4 commentaires:

  1. those sneakers are everything. I vote for a packing post!

    1. Haha! Indeed, those sneakers are ice-breakers, people come and talk to me because of those shoes! Thought about the packing post too but didn't make pictures of the whole process so I'm not sure it'd be as interesting without visuals...

  2. My sister and I are planning a trip and we're complete opposites when it comes to packing. I never check in luggage, I always manage to fit everything in carry-ons while she tends to over-pack. At the moment we're leaning towards Iceland, which is very expensive except for airfare, so I have to do a lot of research on what snacks (we'll be doing a lot of hiking) I can bring in carry-ons since everything will be 3x as expensive to buy over there. I don't like packing more than 2 pairs of shoes and I don't really want to walk around in hiking boots all day so we'll see. I agree with Pret, those printed sneakers are perfect for traveling!

    1. Iceland!! That's such a great destination, I hope you'll make it happen! More and more I'm attracted to places where I can connect with nature and just breath, where my eyes can wander without limits and not too crowded.
      Well I used to travel with a carry-on but airport security has become so "annoying" and borderline foolish nowadays that I prefer to check-in now. Like you, I prefer traveling on the light side, the idea of dragging a heavy suitcase along the way is a nightmare! My philosophy is that you can always shop locally whatever you forgot to take with you.