lundi 6 juin 2016

In print

Never had so many prints in my wardrobe.

It goes beyond the basic stripes, the occasionnal plaid, dots and leo. I love the abstract, the geometric forms, the batik, the play and mix of colors.

I'm not a bold person and use them sparingly but I just feel irresistibly drawn to them right now. 

The main reasons behind this graduated print invasion are to cheer up the grey humid days, extend the vacation in Bénin bliss and also about proudly showing my roots.

A small part of my ever-growing print collection: 

Here are a few stylish associations that I've saved on my computer and Pinterest board for inspiration.

I love this take on the loose tank top, midi skirt with sneakers look.


Dress and sneakers, again: one of my favorite casual combination lifted up by the stunning batik print.

 (Gather and See) 

A bit more polished, this combination will inspire my summer work outfits.


Another midi skirt inspiring look:

7 commentaires:

  1. I have to say I'm not a fan of the dress and athletic sneakers look, but it does look lovely on the 1st lady. The prints are beautiful in your wardrobe, and fitting for a Dries-esque look ;)

    1. Definitely not an easy look to pull off, I agree.

      Only wish I could pick a few things from Dries current collection, the leaf print is so beautiful and poetic...

  2. I think one of those is an Osei Duro dress, which I like but it's such an all-over print that I couldn't pull the trigger. The hard part about prints (for me) is that you notice if you wear them frequently in a way that doesn't happen with solids or "neutral" patterns like stripes. I do really like that dress and how she wears it though!

    1. Good eye! The dress (as well as the top below) is Osei Duro. I like it too but I preferred the longer version with pockets!

      I know what you mean about this very recognizable and potentially tiresome effect of prints. It also prevented me many times to buy some clothes especially dresses. I vividly remember that -overwhelming- paisley printed Isabel Marant dress that I really liked but knew it was the good call to let it go.

  3. as you know, i really love prints--all over, and sometimes all the time! i think, like with many things, most people don't really take note of repeated outfits, regardless of whether they are printed or not, especially if you incorporate them with a basic like what you did with the peplum top and black pants.

  4. You're actually part of the "internet people I like" who influenced the evolution of my stance on prints and colors. I'm getting more daring and it's so much fun to be a little different and outside the very classic conservative French fashion norm.

  5. I am loving all the prints in your wardrobe. I have been a prints person all my life. Picture 1 & 4 look great. I wish I had the height to pull those looks off.