lundi 26 juillet 2010

Cool Monday

After 2 viewings of Inception this week-end (I fell head over heels for that movie and JGL...), today was all about shopping with my mom.
I made a few stops at the usual cheap fashion providers (H&M and Zara) but found nothing worth spending. But now that the crazyness of sales is almost over I can go back to using changing rooms to shoot a picture !

H&M linen tee
Comptoir des Cotonniers skirt

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful skirt.
    I just saw Inception again too, I couldn't concentrate on the beginning of the movie the first time due to disruptive other patrons.

  2. Thank you!
    Hope you did you enjoy Inception better the 2nd time. I feel like I'm rambling but I loved that movie so much! Guess it's not only in France that etiquette at the theater is flouted by uncivil viewers! When I was watching "Avatar" someone lighted a cigarette in the cinema!!