lundi 5 juillet 2010

Joyeux anniversaire!

Today's my mom's birthday so we treated her to a delicious lunch.

I'm wearing:
H&M shirt and cardigan
Vanessa Bruno tote
Batik trousers bought in Africa
Wedges La Halle Aux Chaussures

7 commentaires:

  1. great splash of ethnic prints. my mother's birthday was only two days earlier!

  2. really nice trousers! I'm in Paris right now! it's been wonderful so far:)

  3. Thanks ! I rediscovered I had those trousers thanks to Dries Van Noten's summer collection. No more need to splurge...

    @Heart in a cage: Enjoy Paris! The weather is so nice at the moment, great to wander in the city.

  4. Happy belated b-day to your mom! Ahhh! Now I now where you get your awesome style from!

  5. both of you look wonderful, those prints are really lovely!

  6. Thanks Emmy and mmr! You're so sweet!