mercredi 13 octobre 2010

The grève strikes back

Just got home after being crushed and compressed in every possible way in the métro. If you're in lack of human connection, come to Paris on a strike day, it is the perfect occasion for some tough love and contact!

Jacket: Etoile IM
Trousers, top : H&M
Boots: Colisée de Sacha
Bag: Balenciaga Day

5 commentaires:

  1. yes, this is the ultimate chic outfit.

  2. the jacket looks great both in the previous post and this post - two different and lovely vibes.

    on one of my trips to paris, the security at the lourve were on strike, and let everyone in for free. i wasn't complaining :)

  3. yikes. i adore this look. perfect boots. and jacket. all very chic together!
    and thanks for the tremendous complement on my parka. i was so flattered!

  4. loving your outfit.
    and i can understand your transportation "pain" i remember lots of strikes from france.