dimanche 17 octobre 2010

The perfect coat

I'm obsessed with finding a duffle-coat, but I have some non-negotiable stipulations.
  • It should have side pockets like the Massimo Dutti to slip my hands in. 
  • A large hood to protect from the cold. 
  • Mid thigh length, no short coat.
  • A very high level of wool (a bit of cashmere would be even better)
  • Dark toggles like the Proenza Schouler.  
  • Of course, the overall coolness and elegance of the Carven minus the price tag.
A bit of a chimera, isn't it?  I'm scouting around every shop and website for this fantasy.

16 commentaires:

  1. I actually own the one from asos and I can really recommend it. It's warm, the hood is very roomy and it has the perfect fit :) I realise the toggles aren't dark, but you could probably easily replace them by ones that are ;)

  2. The black on black toggles are very nice. Bonne chance!

  3. Abby, I run a boutique and we have the APC one in and I honestly think it's the perfect duffle with it's tartan lining. I had an APC parka last year so vowed to go for a smart coat this winter otherwise it would be mine!

  4. I think the one by APC is the best!

  5. I bought one from Benetton last year! I dont know if they still have it, but it sounds like the coat you're looking for. It looks like the Proenze Schouler coat, except for the toggles, which are light. It's very warm too! Anyway, hope this is helpful and good luck finding one :)
    PS. I really like your blog!

  6. Wow, the one from Carven is to die for. I love the cocoon shape. And the one by APC seems nice too.

    Best of luck to you!

  7. nice...and oui the apc one is great!

  8. mmr: Thanks for the feedback on the ASOS coat! It's actually the one I was leaning toward because of its simple cut and reasonable price.

    Prêt à Porter P : It's sleek, isn't it? A nice change from the traditional toggle.

    Anonyme: Thanks for the input! I tried the APC duffle last Saturday at Le Bon Marché and it's indeed very nice but the tartan actually bugs me a little, I'd prefer one that's versatile enough and will work with most of my clothes. Plus, it's too expensive...Sigh...

    Dahlia: Hmmm, why am I not surprised?!

    Jessie: Thanks a lot for the tip on Benetton! I checked their store and found one, it looked really good and I was pretty excited but I had trouble with the sizing, I felt constricted in my standard size and the larger one well was to large... Too bad. Thanks and I hope you keep enjoying my blog!

    q9y8: I know!! I saw it and it's even more gorgeous in real life. It makes me think of what a "New Look" by Dior coat would be like in 2010. Now, it's one item I'll keep watch on for sales.

    If Jane: oui, oui je sais!

  9. I love the shape and length of the Carven, but am afraid to learn how much this costs!

  10. I had the coat you described some 10 years ago, unfortunately, it's unwearable now :( So, me too am on a search to replace it! :)

  11. Stephanie: The Carven's wonderful and for inspiration purposes only... For now, it's out of reach. Maybe after a (big) discount...

    Ginta: Ah the ravages of time! I have some items I wished I had bought in bulk. Good luck in your search!

  12. Stephanie : I couldn't find a way to leave a comment on your blog but I wanted to thank you for the post you did on my coat search. I was so surprised and flattered. Merci beaucoup!!

  13. You are welcome! I turned off comments because I became obsessed with checking for them :)

    I know it's silly but it saves me some time being online. I am so inspired by your blog and glad I found you!

  14. Oh, so sweet of you Prêt à Porter P to help me in my quest, thanks! Hopefully, this week the search will be over...

  15. I happened across this coat, thigh length, hood, black toggles, wool.