samedi 2 octobre 2010

Style: Fall Winter edition

 - Clothes:
  • Clean and slim lines with a touch of tomboy, grungy and down to earth 70's sensitivity define my style. I like being feminine but in an understated way. Silhouette flattering clothes are what I'm looking for.
  • Knits: I love knits. It's such an easy item to buy, it's almost my equivalent to comfort food. But at the end of last Winter, I realized I basically worn only a handfull so I decided to restrain myself this season. 
  • Outerwear: For jackets, I'm set. When I brought back my Fall Winter clothes, I checked my 4 coats which are still decent and good-looking so I don't need to get a new one but I'd like to. I'm thinking of a duffle-coat or a military cut longer peacoat.
- Accessories:
  • Sensible and walkable heels or flats: I don't have a car at my disposal so I walk a lot, ride the Paris métro all week, go to Court which has lots of stairs and I just like walking in the city.
  • Bags: big enough to get me through the day but not too overwhelming. I just put back in storage the cheap Summer bags in canvas but otherwise I don't change bags on a season basis.
  • Scarves: I love them but it's like knits. In the end, I stick to a handful of favourites. They have to be long, thick, warm and soft.  
  • Gloves and mittens: leather and woollen materials in black or dark grey.  Though I just bought mittens in a soft pink/grey shade.
  • Tights are simple: black matte or dark grey, black, dark brown ribbed . No patterns, no pop colors. 
  • Hats: I'm wearing my hair in an afro so finding good head gear is difficult. Last year I got by with beanies but I'm tempted to try bakersboy cap.
    • Jewels: Same as usual. I'm not a jewellery person, once I found what I liked I don't change. I only have one watch, Opex Ballerine with double strands; love it.
    - Beauty:
    • Make-up: clear skin, mascara, painted lips and nails in bordeaux or red. Fall Winter are the only seasons when I actually wear make-up on a daily basis. Otherwise I get by with mascara, lip balm and clear nail polish. 
    • Perfume: I usually stick to "Eau d'Hadrien" by Annick Goutal year round but since I had a sample of  "Le Chèvrefeuille" I want to change.

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