mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Tenue du jour - mercredi 20 octobre

Another basic work outfit in full black and grey mode. I do own some colourful cold weather garments but somehow, they don't make it out of the house lately...

Jacket & knit: Etoile IM
Skirt: Zara
Boots: André (Formidable!)
Bag: Balenciaga Day

5 commentaires:

  1. amazing! the jacket looks terrific on you!

  2. I can certainly understand why you're not in the mood for colour, with the riots and all...
    And do you know, it has already been snowing a bit in Denmark! Super depressing.

  3. Love this dark outfit! And those boots are awesome! They remind me of the Acne tall pistols which I want really bad!

  4. Thanks Dead Fleurette! I'm really glad I invested in this one. I've been wearing it non stop since cold arrived. It goes with everything.

    Ida: Actually, I was miles away from riots! I'm like you watching this on tv but luckiky never saw violent actions within Paris as of yet. But yes, the mood is not really upbeat in France at the moment so it must permeate my own state of mind and looks.

    Thanks Emmy and If Jane!