lundi 11 octobre 2010

A thin line between love and hate

Last Saturday, I was at the Printemps checking the promotions when I spotted my jacket with a 30% discount.
I was MAD.
So mad I swore I was done with anything Marant this season and it was not that hard really. Lately, the stock wether from the main line or Etoile, in boutique or on the net, left me completely indifferent. 

Then today, out of boredom I browsed Metier and found these :

The coat is nothing I was aiming for or even envisioned though it has the duffle coat shape that I'm looking for. The color, bouclé material, contrasting piping, the leather trim and the hood... Everything looks appealing...One more contender for the new Winter coat...

As for the dress, it's the perfect week-end dress. I love the wrapping and asymmetry and the muted violet plaid... I can already see how it'd fit with the rest of my wardrobe...

5 commentaires:

  1. hm, i thought sales in paris started in january?

    sorry about your coat, i can totally empathize. the only thing i bought at full retail last fall, my mcqueen pashmina, ended up going on sale at a bunch of stores, so i swore never to pay retail again! easier said than done though...

    i'm sure you've worn the jacket a bunch of times by now, i've definitely used the scarf a lot, so that kind of makes me feel a bit better.

  2. wow, i guess that's the sporadic discount at printemps that my french cousins always talk about! haha

  3. I try to avoid paying full retail for things, unless I'm on vacation then it doesn't bother me so much. Personally I don't wear plaids, but that dress has a really great cut.

  4. That dress is lovely....really, I like it a lot.

  5. Koko, Dead Fleurette, Prêt à Porter P:

    Ah it's okay. Can't hold a grudge for long especially about clothes!

    The Winter sales start indeed in January but there are also mid-season sales and promotions as well as private sales, it's actually confusing.
    As far as I remember all Paris dept stores offer promotions on selected items around September/October.

    Thing is waiting for sales on Isabel Marant's collection is risky business.
    The way her production is purchased and distributed and the mania around her brand mean that it sells out fast.

    I was disappointed so many times waiting for sales or even to just get the money and then not finding anymore the desired item that I act on the better safe than sorry saying.

    Stephanie: I know!I have a soft spot for anything deconstruct and draped...I plan to look for it this week-end.