samedi 30 octobre 2010

What made it to my closet in October

This month's purchases were rather about basic filling.

- With the cold I suddenly realized that new warm knits were very much needed. I have lots of cardigans but sweaters are scarce. Lucky for me Zara had these great round neck cashmeres, got one in kaki and in red. It goes pretty well with against my dark clothes.

- Talking about contrast, COS once again proved to be the place to avoid for some unexpected and yet classic clothes. 
I just grabbed that red dress for fun, you know thinking I need a few dresses but I'll never wear a red one so there's no risk trying it. 
Of course, I fell for it and thinking of my slew of grey and black dresses didn't help. It was like a fashion rebuffade, the need to inject bright vivid colors into my dark closet. 
It was before I won those red boots and got red crazy but you see the beginning of a pattern here. Thanks to COS.

- Well, I came back to my senses quite quickly and added yet another little black dress from Etam (our French  mass-market clothes chain).
I liked its shape, it has a bit of mod-retro cut. Plus I plan to wear it as a skirt too, the faux wrap detail on the bottom is original. Makes me think of an Acne skirt from last winter.

- When cold hit hard mid October, I also realised that it was time to spend some cash on protective  warm and yet fashionable accessories: gloves and a warm scarf in cashmere
I can't help but rave on the Bompard gloves, they're perfect, warm, tightly knitted, soft, resistant too because I can be pretty clumsy and they hang on. 
C&A, a Dutch clothes chain, isn't exactly on my fashion radar to say the least but they have a decent cashmere line at the moment. That's where I found the grey mittens. 

- Finally, thanks to Ida on The Fashion Spot's H&M thread, I was on the lookout for that grey chunky sweater. Found it yesterday. It's a great piece for some casual layering... It's very much alike the one worn by one of my favourite sources of inspiration, the Marie-Claire US editor Mrs TaylorTomasi-Hill.

November 4th EDIT: I'm taking back the H&M sweater. It lovely but the sizing makes it hard to wear for me. It's not working. I feel quite shapeless in it and not a bit like the way Taylor looks.

November 15th EDIT: I returned the red dress to COS. I liked it but don't need it...See, impulse purchases =  no good!

(, stockholm streetstyle)

That's a wrap for October!

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  1. great finds!
    i have been thinking of chunky grey scarves as of late...

  2. YAY! I'm happy that you like it! I'm on a grey sweater ban at the moment, I have 4! And I think I'm getting another one soon from COS, even though it's more of a sweater dress...or cardigan dress. Whatever. I just love grey sweaters!

  3. Prêt à Porter P: I like it too but I'm on a fence about it as it's very large...

    Thanks If Jane! I can only say go for it! A grey scarf works with everything. Mine will be worn to death.

    Ida : So COS finally opened in your city? Watch out, it's a place of financial perdition!
    I'm also looking for a grey cashmere or merino v-neck sweater at the moment. I tried the H&M LOGG again this morning and don't know if I'll keep it: I have the smallest size and yet it's very large. I'm not sure if it'll work out with the coats especially.

  4. Seriously, every time I was in Copenhagen I bought heaps of stuff from COS...and then I went back home, hahaha! Now I never have to go to Cph again :D Oh, and you'll have to wear that scarf quite a lot to kill it off, I've worn mine for a year and it's in perfect shape <3

    Too bad about the knit though, I do hope you keep it ()thanks for the shout-out btw :D

  5. Great buys!

    Massimo Dutti has some very nice cashmere V-neck sweaters at the moment. The lady's version is about 79EUR, I got a grey one. Super soft and comfy!

    Which line is the H&M-sweater from? Is it Trend? or the regular collection? I checked out the Trend-section Friday, but didn't see it.

  6. You're welcome Ida !

    Now I'm thinking of getting the COS cashmere beanie. I have such trouble to find nice and suitable Winter headgear with my afro...

    Thanks Vegalyn ! I was actually at Massimo Dutti yesterday afternoon but just made a quick tour as there was too much people. They have some nice stuff, I especially spotted some fur lined boots that looked very comfortable and cute! I'll surely go back very soon.

    The sweater is from the LOGG line. It arrived last thursday only at my H&M.

  7. thx Aissa,
    I'll check out the LOGG-section next week.

    and...I'm coming to Paris next week for a long weekend!
    Visiting the Monet-exhibition and getting my teeth on some Laduree macarons :-))
    Of course, doing some fall shopping as well.

  8. I love the grey chunky knit, and red as an accent in winter is so fresh, and classic at the same time.

  9. That's great Vegalyn!

    There's so much to see and do at the moment plus most Christmas iluminations will start this week! I love it, just gives such a enchanting look to the city.
    Enjoy your parisian week-end !

    Thanks Lin!

  10. All the pieces are wonderful!!! Especially that sweater! Super cute!