dimanche 14 novembre 2010

Awful Fall weather outfit

I was on holidays this week but didn't go very far. I just stayed home, read lots of escapism books under the covers while sipping jasmin tea. 
It's been raining non stop and I had no reason nor the envy to go out and brave the elements. 
When I had to go out yesterday I decided to take charge and got my Hunter rain boots out.
Nevertheless, I wanted to look pretty so I put on my flowery red dress (vintage), a grey cashmere cardigan (Zara), a black coat (Comptoir des Cotonniers), the new -very useful in that weather-hooded scarf (COS) and a black bag (Balenciaga).

5 commentaires:

  1. looks like a beautiful coat. how do you like your rain boots? i'm debating getting some but think i may need to have insulated ones since my toes go NUMB in the cold!
    the chiffoniers leggings are wonderful! i've been trying to force myself NOT to wear them. they fit very well and go with nearly everything i own despite being green and suede, hahahaha!

  2. I love the pop of red floral dress, hope it has brightened up your mood a little bit. :-)

  3. Merci If Jane!! :))

    Yes, Dahlia, I felt good and it was indeed comfortable and water/wind-proof! Thanks!

    Thanks Pennerad!
    I like the Hunters a lot. I like how streamlined the boots are and they give a kind of slouch walk. I wear them with cashmere socks (best thing that happened to my ever frozen toes) to keep warm through Fall and Winter. The only down point is that have yet to find a product to get quickly and efficiently rid of white marks.

    Thanks q9y8!! It surely did!