vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Best buy ever

I don't wear these Isabel Marant boots as often I'd like due to the fact that they're made of suede and I'm careful not to ruin them too much.

They're at least 3-4 years old, were called "Dake" at the time and are one of those possessions I put in the in the pantheon of  my "best buys ever".
I also own the black leather version of the boots that I got later but these are my favourites.

I don't know what's about them, really the shape is banal especially now that there are copies at every corners, but whenever I put them on and whatever's the rest of my outfit, I feel good. 

I'm not joking they have the power to make me feel cool, even when I 'm wearing such a basic outfit as a trench (Zara), navy cashmere knit (Zara), grey scarf (COS), jeans (H&M) and Balenciaga Day.

12 commentaires:

  1. Great outfit!
    I adore those boots! Someday they'll be mine,haha;)

  2. Oh, you make me feel so bad about my shoes... I'm not careful, the heels is pretty much ruined.. yeah yeah.. but i know what you mean about the power to make you feel cool. I always feel great when wearing them!

  3. That is such a neat looking trench. Anything that elevates your mood to cool level whenever you put them on is worth it :)

  4. I just bought them and I feel exactly the same way :)

  5. It's so true.Great shoes and bag always make the outfit.I can put a simple t-shirt and jeans on, but combined with my Bal bag and shoes, I do feel like a million dollar:)

  6. It's a basic outfit, but you still manage to look amazing! Love the booties too!

  7. oh yes! i understand the power of some articles of clothing...a lot of magic can happen if and when we are wise...;))

  8. Oh, Aissa, I know exactly what you meant. I feel lucky to have a few things that put a big smile on my face whenever I wear them.

    It's a basic outfit but I can feel your pleasure inside.;)

  9. i agree with pret that anything that can elevate your mood should be enjoyed with great gusto. :)
    beautiful look. i'm wary of suede, but admire those who are able to keep it clean and smooth.

  10. Thanks heart in a cage! Hope you get them!

    DEAD FLEURETTE: I've had mine for years now and the suede did suffer a bit. I never wear them on rainy days which limits occasions to enjoy my beloved boots in the Fall but it's such a pleasure when I do...

    Prêt à Porter P: Thanks! I'm not sure how long that Zara trench will last but till then, I don't regret getting it at all! Same as the boots,which were one of my first big (as in expensive) -adult-fashion-purchase but were really worth it, not only on a cost per wear theory but also on account of the morale boost they give me!

    Miss Moll Cherie: Congrats! Enjoy the boots!

    Onlycoolcats: That's great! I tend to share the same approach: bags and shoes first and also outerwear!

    Thanks Emmy! You know I actually find myself drawn to really simple outfits, especially on week-ends errands!

    If Jane: Ah, isn't it funny, the power of clothes?! This ability we give to objetcs to make us feel a little better with ourselves...

    Thanks q9y8! These items are like little treasures. Sometimes I forget about them and then it's such a pleasure to unearth them...

    Thanks Pennerad! I get your wariness about suede shoes. These boots are my one and only suede shoes! I love them so I'm extra careful.

  11. Oh gosh, comme je te comprend!!! C'est pareil pour moi dès que je les porte ces bottines je me sens vraiment bien ;)

    1. Ah oui, au bout de tant d'années et malgré le fait qu'elles soient désormais largement popularisées, je les adore toujours autant et elles me font toujours le même effet exaltant! Je me disais d'ailleurs que je m'en achèterai des toutes neuves pour cet automne. Peut-être en daim gris...