mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Opposable thumbs

I wore one of my favourite Winter knit from COS. It's made of cashmere, has very long sleeves and holes for thumbs.

Otherwise, well it's same ol', same ol'  grey and black work outfit .

It was a last minute choice. I wanted to wear a dress with a lighter parka but the weather and temperatures go like this : grey  / misty drizzle. Cold in the morning, then hot during commute, hot again in the office, warm and a bit sunnier during the day and cold again at night which with the daylight saving time is around 5.30 pm.
So mornings are strategic plan for each phase. 

And this morning, I was afraid to be cold with just the green Zara parka, so after much indecision in front of my full closet and time flying by fast, I just grabbed a long sleeve black cotton tee (H&M), put on a black sweater (COS), some opaque black tights (Monoprix), a grey skirt (H&M) added a scarf (COS) , my faithful jacket (Etoile IM) and bag (Balenciaga) and off I went to join the working classes in the métro.

5 commentaires:

  1. what is the colour of Your B-bag? is it black or dark grey?

  2. There's nothing wrong with same ol' same ol' grey and black work outfits! I absolutely love gray and black and I think you look classy and very put together!

  3. oh i have that struggle too...cold in the morning and the hot later on..(oh i got a great parka...perfect for autumn texto in paris) i think it is a great solution...

  4. Thanks Dina's Days!

    If Jane : That's indeed the word: struggle.
    I like Texto, they have not too pricey shoes but I've never tried their clothes!