dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Tenue du jour - Grungy Sunday

coat: Zara
knit: uniqlo
shirt: h et m
cords and boots: gap

7 commentaires:

  1. Very nice coat, I like the exaggerated collar.

  2. This looks like an outfit a cool modern dandy would wear!

  3. It's indeed very grungy, especially with the touch of check shirt. The outfit reminds me of these wonderful songs from Nirvana.

  4. Love the neck on that coat! Soo cool!!

  5. i like the cut of the coat as well. i think i saw a similar one last winter but refrained from buying it, even though i love stand-up collars, because i knew everyone on the street would have one and i doubted the overall warmth of the coat.
    i like how you paired it with the slouchy trouser and boots. almost irreverent!

  6. Thanks Prêt à Porter P!

    Merci Dahlia! Grungy-dandy, I like that! :))

    q9y8: I felt quite the 90's reject that day! :))

    Merci If Jane!

    Thanks Emmy! The collar is also very useful to protect the neck against vicious cold winds.

    Thanks Pennerad! I completely understand your point. Zara clothes are so popular you're bound to see "your" coat at every corners...I got this one years ago, it had a belt that I removed so it's a little less easy to id.