samedi 29 janvier 2011

Dure à cuir

Considering my latest purchases, one constant jumped out: most of them had a bit of leather.

Out of recent incursions in h&m, I got a leather jacket from the new collection. 

Honestly it was an impulse purchase and, judging from the recent drop of temperatures, one I won't be able to wear quite soon.

What drived me to get it was the colour between a light pink and beige, the mix of  materials (leather and suede), the fit with 3/4 sleeves, narrow shoulders and a reasonable price

I'm sure this little leather number will be in heavy use come warmer (and drier) weather.

This bag (again) from Gap (again!) joined my collection. It's a mix of canvas and leather with lots of pockets,  an adjustable strap, very functional. 
At the same occasion, I also got the long searched for trousers. 

And this sales find, a leather trimmed wrap skirt by Isabel Marant. 

12 commentaires:

  1. Je vous envie, les Françaises... vous et vos soldes Isabel Marant :-P La jupe a un air très intemporel. J'aime bien!

  2. The skirt!!! I didn't manage to snatch it at the net-a-porter sale. Congratulations, it's lovely!

  3. That gap bag is pretty cool! It looks very utilitarian too.

  4. I LOVE the skirt! What a great sale find!

  5. Ha ha Dahlia! Ne nous envie pas... L'hiver est tellement morose à Paris. On n'a que ça et la bouffe pour se distraire en ce moment!:))

    Garderoben: I was honestly suprised to find it so late after the first days of sales !

    If Jane: Oui, oui!

    Thanks Prêt à Porter P! It is very practical! I've been wearing it non stop lately.

    Thanks heart in a cage! I'm very glad I found it on discount as it was originally so expensive.

  6. Mmm... that IM skirt is absolutely perfect!

  7. Great choices! The jacket reminds me of that camel Celine one that I loved. Love the skirt, too. You should know by now I'm a big leather fan :-)

  8. Your buys are very cool - just edgy enough. Can't wait to see how you use that bag!

  9. Thanks Ginta! It was worth waiting for the sales!

    Thank you Koko! H&M has a knack for delivering clothes "inspired" by such and such.It's like a quizz game whenever I go there, I'm like: oh, this is so Chloé, so Wang...

    Lin: Thanks!! You really sum up what I want! I've already wore the bag all past week! I'm so pleased with it.

    onlycoolcats: Thanks!!

  10. Fabulous buys! I saw that H&M jacket in store the other day and was thinking the same thing: oh, that's so Celine. ;-)

    It is indeed a very well-made jacket.