vendredi 7 janvier 2011


A while ago, Dead Fleurette tagged me to do a post on my handbag necessities. I wasn't really enthusiastic as I found my mess quite underwhelming.

But funnily enough, I was often reminded of the subject on metro rides as I caught curious glances whenever I opened my bag to fetch my hand cream or a tissue for my running nose (yeah, winter's glamourous!).

A few days ago, the same situation happened and suddenly out of nowhere I had the image of Hermione's (Harry Potter) and Mary Poppins magic bags in my mind and couldn't help letting out a chuckle. 

So I finally decided to settle the matter. Here's what's hidden inside my bag:

  1. Black leather wallet (Le Tanneur) but I also use a smaller one when I don't feel like carrying this big one.
  2. Freedent gums (I hate Nespresso breath after the morning coffee at the office)   
  3. Office set of keys
  4. Lipbalm from the Carrefour supermarket (cheap remedy for my dry lips and works without leaving a weird white film)
  5. Rose handcream by Annick Goutal (same: my hands are always dry and it smells wonderful. A real luxury)
  6. Moleskine notebook : I love its supple leather cover and elastic band. I write everything in it rendez-vous, grocery lists, work duties etc.
  7. Ipod (Bot'ox's Blue Steel on heavy rotation right now)
  8. Metro pass
  9. Pouch for little things: tampons, lipstick, saline solutions for my eyes, deodorant wipe
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Book (I've read "A Mercy" by Toni Morrisson a couple of times already but if I don't have fresh new reading material on the métro ride, it's my go-to book)
I realized I hadn't included my (battered) Nokia phone and I always carry a little bottle of water and tissues (for that running nose...).

3 commentaires:

  1. I really enjoy these kind of posts. I think what a person carries in their bag is quite representative of their personality.

    In my case, I'm a real minimalist... I carry my tiny wallet, two keys (home & mailbox), a lipbalm, a pocket mirror, a pen, and a Moleskine notebook.

  2. I'm always curious about what people carry :) I love a good handcream, makes me feel like I'm in a spa although I'm actually in the office.

  3. Dahlia: Wish I could carry less like you do. I try to get there. Having smaller bags obliged me to restrain my needs but it's still a lot.

    Lin,I'm with you on the hand cream. It's a necessity to avoid chapped skin but also a little treat!