lundi 2 mai 2011

Last week

Hello readers, all I can muster up right now is this little outfit post.

Tuesday - work : 

Light beige jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant
navy tee: Marks and Spencer
grey bootcut trousers: Gap
high heeled sandals: André
blue batik scarf: from a Paris gare du Nord store
sequin tote: Vanessa Bruno.

Wednesday - work : 

jacket: h&m
navy tee: WE
grey pencil skirt: h&m
pumps: Jonak
Wax printed scarf: from I don't know where exactly in West Africa
bag: Gap

Thursday - work: 

trench: Zara
black and white stripped tee: Monoprix
cropped black slim: Gap
tote and scarf: h&m

Friday - Going to the movies: I was really disappointed in that "Thor" film. Expected more from Mister Branagh.

Jacket, scarf, belt, jeans: h&m
tee: bought in Niagara Falls
boots: I. Marant
bag: A. Wang

At this moment, most of my free time is consumed by the cleaning up of the house, piling up clothes, books, mags, stuff and editing what I want to keep, throw out, sell, donate. It's still a work in process but my space is getting clearer. 

As a result, my shopping has been limited to replacing one essential item, the white tee that I got from Etoile IM.
May 3rd edit : And found a pic of my new APC stripped sweater

Net a Porter

7 commentaires:

  1. Lovely outfits! The third one is my favourite ;)

  2. lovely outfits! love the niagara falls t-shirt! and oooouf i started my spring closet cleaning as well! bonne chance !!!

  3. You look so chic in all of these! I especially love all of your coats.

  4. The 3rd outfit is very much what I wore again today heart in a cage. It's a bit my uniform when feeling bored with the work look right now!!

    Thanks If Jane! I knew that Canadian shout-out would catch your eyes! I have such fond memories of my time in Canada and had so much fun in Niagara Falls!

    Really appreciate it G! I have a terrible soft spot for anykind of outerwears. I'm getting rid of some at the moment because it's getting embarrassing to own so many jackets and coats...

  5. Love, love all of your work outfits!!! I need to learn from you!!!!

  6. J'adore j'adore! La façon que tu portes tes foulards et ta manière d'accessoiriser!

  7. I love that trench coat outfit! x