vendredi 10 juin 2011

3 things

1) This is my office uniform at the moment.  

A shirt, straight/flare dark trousers paired with slight wedges or flats. Over it all, a light jacket or a trench depending on the weather and a tote. 

Straightforward, no nonsense outfit that I like a lot and repeat often.

Summer bonus: Not putting on thousands of layers which allows me to sleep longer!

jacket: Etoile IM 
shirt, trousers: h&m
sandals: New Look
bag: Céline

2) Colors of the moment: blue, beige and grey. 

All my outfits seem to revolve around these 3 colors ranges lately, combined or not. 

Navy blue can be luminous or dark depending on which color it's mixed with, conservative and preppy or completely relaxed. 
I especially have a fondness for the Touaregs indigo blue and tend to wear lots of that tint. 

Beige and grey of course are an easy complement to blue. Grey is an all season favorite so I always have my year-round basics grey to rely on : tees, trousers, skirt.

The beige/kaki range is also a no-brainer to mix, I prefer it to white which can be a bit too bright against my skin tone.

3) What to wear when the day is warm, yet it drizlles, then rains heavily, next the sun shows up and we're back to the rain? 

You get my point: crazy weather is what we're having in Paris lately. Too warm for the trench, not rainy enough for rain boots. 

In that situation, the footwear of choice were my Isabel Marant black leather boots but as I wore them all Fall Winter and Spring, I won't say I don't like them anymore, just a bit bored with them at the moment.

Then I remembered my brogues. I had worn them already at work but never on a day-off. 

Once that point was cleared up, the rest followed easily: linen jacket, navy knit and my favorite jeans rolled up.

jacket : Uniqlo
knit, jeans : h&m
scarf: Zara
brogues: New Look
bag: Céline

2 commentaires:

  1. all your outfits are so nice, I love your new Céline bag
    = ) I hope you don't mind, but I saw you have a pair of lanvin ballet flats, I was wondering if you would recommend them in terms of quality? have you had yours a long time? have they worn well?

  2. Thank you!
    Regarding the Lanvin, they're very comfortable but the sole deteriorates quickly. That said, I own mine for more than 3-4 years, they still look good and I love them.