mercredi 1 juin 2011

Summer elegance

Gently getting back in blogging mode with a coup de coeur post for the Steven Alan Spring lookbook.

What attracted me is that carefree elegance radiating from these pics with the essentally monochromatic palette, the two-tone association, flowy not clingy clothes. 

Some would call this kind of styling boring. It's true the silhouettes are not avant-garde at all, everything is perfectly put together, there's not a hint of crazyness here.

If of course I can't help but notice the fashion extravangaza and sometimes fall for it, "blinded" by ce qui brille (shiny and bright things) nevertheless what make my eyes linger, focus and scan an outfit is that simple elegance, the balance between a practical -conservative silhouette and that (personal) touch: Be it a mix of colors or lack of it, the accessory statement, materials combination.

I think that lookbook nails "it" pretty well.

All from Steven Alan.

5 commentaires:

  1. these looks are absolutely lovely! wouldn't mind wearing any of them this summer!

  2. They're all beautiful! That's that simplicity of the style i'm searching for

  3. I adore this lookbook too, practically posted the entirely thing a little while back. I like that it's something you can create with items in your own closet, if you have a good selection of basics.

  4. A shame the brand is not available in France, I'd love to see the garnments in real life.

    Lin, I didn't remember your post. You're absolutely right and that's why this lookbook rang a bell. You don't need to get the newest trendy item to achieve this kind of aesthetic.