mercredi 27 juillet 2011


M.I.A for more than a month... Sorry for this long unintentional break as these outfits pics below are actually a month old and I expected to post much earlier. 

Since then, Summer turned to early Fall or Spring depending on how optimist and upbeat one appreciate the weather.

As much as I love clothes and enjoy dressing up and down, lately my mood wasn't set into exhibiting purchases (as a matter of fact I barely did any shopping) and was too lazy to take pictures of my outfits. I was plainly bored with blogging. 

I cut down my web attendance to a minimum thinking it would be harder to avoid idle browsing on and off the web but showers of promotional mails and massive sales hysteria (I spotted a Zara store closed because of a fight with sales assistants hiding behind doors on the first day of sales !! Isn't that crazy!?) actually helped to put distance with some habits...

We'll see how it goes but I intend to keep my blog activity to a slower pace.

 Uniqlo linen jacket, h&m tee, IM Etoile shorts (SS sales), André sandals, YSL tote.

 IM Etoile dress (SS sales) the one spotted on Totokaelo, André sandals and YSL tote

h&m jacket, skirt, WE tee, New Look sandals, YSL tote

9 commentaires:

  1. You have such good luck at H&M, that jacket looks beautifully cut. The drape detail on the IM dress is beautiful too.

  2. So happy you're back!

  3. woah, that sounds crazy!
    I really do love your outfits! I missed your posts!:)

  4. Nice outfits!

  5. Thanks Prêt. I had spotted this inspired by Stella McCarney jacket back in January but couldn't bring myself to buy it in the midst of Winter. Then it was sold out, until one lucky day in June when I found this one, waiting for me in my size. It's a great stand out piece.

    Thanks dear anonymous reader! I'm very flattered.

    Thanks Heart in a cage! It's baffling to realize that people can actually fight over clothes. Really sad...

    Thanks t! I appreciate it.

  6. Good to see you again! Those are some great sales finds, the dress is beautiful.

  7. eh oui, je suis toujours vivante aussi! j'espère que tu profites bien de ton été! toujours aussi fabuleux, ton look!

  8. Lovely outfits! I love those André sandals! They look so sweet!

  9. Thanks Garderoben! That dress was a lucky sales find. I don't know if that's the case for you but the weather has not been really bright. It only strengthened my belief that spending and buying a lot on Summer clothes this side of the Northern hemisphere is not beneficial...

    Merci Dahlia! Je suis ravie que tu fasses un petit arrêt par ici. Je bosse cet été mais je profite dès que possible quand le soleil veut bien se pointer... Je crois que du côté Nord-Américain, c'est plutôt la canicule... J'espère que c'est respirable quand même. Passes un bel été!

    Emmy: Thanks a lot! These sandals were one of my best Summer purchase. I can't seem to get enough of them.