lundi 29 août 2011

Tenue du jour - Hip hippie Monday

jacket: Uniqlo /shirt and scarf: h&m/ skirt: Comptoir des Cotonniers/shoes: André / bag: YSL

I have a few days off (yay!), so I'll post a bit more. 
Here's what I wore today. 
I love that Comptoir des Cotonniers skirt that I got in a consignment store a couple of years ago but find the print and colors to be a little overwheming especially when I wear it with another colorful top. 
So to tone down its boho vibe, I teamed it with a shirt and a blazer (which was much needed considering the low temperatures for August) to give a tailored edge to this outfit.

5 commentaires:

  1. You look terrific, wonderful mix of sharp and bohemian.

  2. Balance is the key. I really love everything you're wearing here!

  3. that skirt is gorgeous! i really love the print and the colors. and i like it styled with the more traditional blouse.

  4. Thanks Prêt!

    Lin: your words made my day! thanks!

    I completely agree with you Ginta, balance is what I strive for. Thanks.

    Thanks Joelle for this positive and sweet comment.