mardi 4 octobre 2011

Tout ce qui brille

Teddy Keith for Grazia

En matière de bijoux, mon crédo est plutôt la discrétion et pas du tout le bling-bling.
Il a suffi d'une image tirée d'un Grazia de l'année dernière pour déclencher une envie, m'inspirer et partir à la recherche du petit plus pour rafraichir mes uniformes d'automne.
Bref, une photo et c'est le déclic.
Je me vois déjà avec mon petit collier ras du cous en strass.  
A porter le plus simplement du monde avec mes vieux t-shirts, sweats et autres petit pulls. 
Autant j'achète des magazines de mode pour m'en inspirer mais je réalise que c'est assez rarement que je passe à l'acte et que j'y pioche directement une idée d'association de vêtements ou/et d'accessoires. 
Évidemment, les propositions de looks des magazines sont en général assez éloignées de mes goûts et surtout de mon style de vie (Je ne me vois pas aller au Carrefour Market avec un sac Chanel, des Louboutins de 12 cm... ) et de mes moyens mais bon rendons à César ce qui lui appartient, grazie mille Grazia! 
Et vous, y a-t-il un article, un objet qui a éveillé votre intérêt et vous a inspiré stylistiquement parlant?

When it comes to jewellery, my mantra is the simpler and tinier the better. Not that I can afford rock sized diamonds anyway but I'm all about discretion. 
Well, it took only a picture from a year old Grazia to revive my fashion mojo and get me on the hunt for that little bling accessory that would bring an interesting perk to my Fall uniforms.
I can already picture myself wearing that strass necklace, very demurely, with tees, sweaters and knits.
It made me realize that while I buy magazines for inspiration, it's quite rare that I actually pick a look directly from it. In all fairness, most magazines offer looks that are completely irrelevant to my tastes, way of life and budget. I enjoy the pics, the styling but can't imagine doing my groceries errands carrying a Chanel and trotting on Louboutins 12 cm in a Prada dress. In that case anyway, grazie mille Grazia!
What about you? Is there some item that spiked up your interest style-wise lately? 


3 commentaires:

  1. That ebay necklace is very beautiful, but I admit, I never keep any accessory on for long.

    I try to keep a rule that I won't post anything I wouldn't actually wear - it;s amazing how little there is left to post after that!

    Right now, I'm trying to wear my white jeans every time I reach for my usual blue jeans - sometimes it just doesn't work but when it does it's a simple but dramatically different spin on an old outfit.

  2. I like the way a little bit of bling looks against something very homely like a grey sweater or tee. I’ve long admired the editorial look of stacked bracelets—but it’s never worked on me as I have very tiny wrists that most bracelets fall right off—or the styles looked too “contrived” on me. On random I tried on some bracelets that actually fit, and I found the trio looked very natural on me. So it’s something I’m keeping in the back of my mind.

  3. I know what you mean Lin. I barely wear any accessories and buy jewellery once in a blue moon. I don't know how long I'll keep this strass necklace but it's rare for me to get excited over a necklace!

    Prêt à Porter P: I think that achieving a look that's natural and personal is the key. Trying out is so fun even if it doesn't always work!