dimanche 20 novembre 2011

Recherche désespérément...

Ces photos de l'actrice Michelle Williams datent en majorité de 2006-2008 et je suis toujours touchée par son style très simple, confortable qui n'en reste pas moins dans l'air du temps même plusieurs années après.
Au point d'être, encore à ce jour, hantée par certains de ses vêtements et accessoires. Ce qui m'a parfois menée, avec plus ou moins de succès, à la recherche de certains articles étiquetés  "Vus sur Michelle Williams"
Plus particulièrement, ses bottes Lanvin. Je les ai voulues dès leur sortie en 2006. A l'époque, outre mon budget (très) restreint d'étudiante qui ne me permettait pas une telle dépense, il était quasi impossible de mettre la main dessus. 
Ces bottes m'ont toutefois fait une telle impression qu'années après années, je suis restée aux aguets et n'ai cessé de les chercher. La quête est désormais terminée. En l'espace d'une journée (!), je les ai trouvées. En noir et marron. Depuis, je ne cesse de les admirer, de les essayer. Bref, c'est plus que jamais le grand amour. Je les adore!

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michelleparadize, just Jared
The pics above of actress Michelle Williams are a constant inspiration.
Most of these pics date back from 2006-2008 and I'm still touched by her cute, comfortable and effortless style that is still relevant even years later.
To the point that some of her clothes and accessories have been haunting me to this day which lead me, sometimes fruitfully, to hunt down a few "As seen on Michelle Williams" tagged items.
Especially her Lanvin boots. I've desired them since they came out in 2006. Besides my then (very) modest student budget not allowing me the splurge, they were nearly impossible to find. Nevertheless, they made such an impression that year after year, I've been looking for them. The quest is now over. In the space of a day (!), I found them in black and tan brown. I can't help looking at them, trying them on over and over. In short, I'm head over heels with the boots! 

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  1. ah, i love Michelle Williams' style. she carries herself so unpretentiously, and yet is one of the most elegant actresses/women in the public eye. such a lovely and inspiring woman, and a damn good actress.

  2. Michelle is super, I love her simple style yet cute style, very practical <3

  3. Haha! Is it any wonder that the people whose blogs I read and the people who read my blog have an infatuation with Michelle Williams? She's the epitome of the style I'm trying to strive for.

  4. glad you posted this, we are in sync!
    i was thinking of her style (and alexa chung's)...

  5. Miss Sophie: You said the word that really sums up what I love about Michelle's style "unpretentious". With her, it's not about carrying the latest It-bag or trying the latest hip trend. I also find that same practical and cute style approach with another of my girl crush Keri Russell.

    Lidiya: Couldn't agree more. She's never overly done and her less is more style is so appealing.

    Amanda:Great minds think alike...;)) What I love about Michelle's style is that she makes it look like it's so simple to achieve. It's like she doesn't even try hard. Yet she has a great eye for items and associating them. It's always the right outerwear, the perfect boots, the cute dress and it fits her in a very refreshing way.

    If Jane: Again. Great minds think alike!! :))
    I like Alexa's style but in a distant way, like an older sister I find it cute and I approve most of the time but it's not for me. I feel like Michelle's more grounded if that makes sense. She has a maturity and simplicity in her daily style that suit me more.

  6. Oh, I love her style as well, along with Kirsten Dunst. She's always worn lots of A.P.C. Great actress as well! How exciting about the boots - can't wait to see them!

  7. Garderoben: Another fan! Welcome to the club! :))