lundi 5 décembre 2011

Oouh la copieuse!

A few days or should I say nights ago, sleep eluding me, instead of plunging back into my latest page turner, I grabbed my iPhone and checked TFS. Browsing the forum, I stumbled upon the "stealing style" thread. Honestly most of the discussion revolving on that sense of propriety over one's way to dress as if it is a personal and unique trademark and the scorn of the one "suffering" the copy reminded me of my teenage years. Insecurity over our budding personalities pushed us to fiercely defend the one thing we had control over, our appearances (even if we changed looks every other months).

Still this debate rang a little bell. 

It's impossible not to see the influence of some trend, celebrities or designer all over Paris where some silhouettes display a monotonous uniformity. A few years ago, say 2008, Isabel Marant booties [;))] were not that popular, Balenciaga City and Chanel bags were mostly seen on celebrities, the It-hip-trendy item of the moment was rarely accessible with the click of a finger...

Of course, the power of Internet with its streetstyle pics and blogs (!) increased this perception that everyone copies everyone around the (Western) world. 

Is it an hommage to dress like your favourite star or poor and pure plagiarism? Should one refrain from purchasing a bag because "everyone has it"?  
I was mulling over these questions this morning, wearing a copy of Michelle Williams's outfit while on the (failed) hunt for the Balenciaga City... Seems like "everyone" in Paris wants one... As it's out of stock.

So do you think copy is the sincerest expression of admiration or that "stealing" a look should be punished? What about the fine? Should we call the fashion police? And most importantly, do you think Michelle Williams would approve?
To your keyboards!

 dress/robe: Balenciaga Knits - boots/bottes: Lanvin

Il y a quelques jours ou plutôt nuits devrais-je dire, alors que je n'arrivais pas à trouver le sommeil et au lieu de me replonger dans mon passionnant pavé, j'ai saisi mon iPhone et me suis connectée à TFS où je suis tombée sur un sujet sur le vol de style. La majeure partie de la discussion autour d'une vague notion de propriété  sur sa propre façon de s’habiller et la rancœur du "copié" m'a fait penser à mes années d'adolescence où, à défaut de maîtriser nos personnalités naissantes, mes amies et moi défendions avec férocité notre look (qui changeait d'ailleurs tous les mois). 

Néanmoins, ce débat a titillé quelques interrogations. 

Il est difficile aujourd'hui de ne pas voir l'influence de certaines tendances, célébrités ou créateurs dans les rues de Paris où les silhouettes relèvent parfois d'une certaine uniformité monotone. 
Il y a quelques années, disons 2008, les boots Isabel Marant n'étaient pas aussi populaires [;))], un Balenciga City ou un Chanel Classique étaient surtout visibles aux bras des célébrités, le dernier article tendance, hit-truc ou hip-machin était difficilement accessible d'un click du doigt... 

Bien sûr, le pouvoir d'Internet avec les photos de streetstyle et les blogs (!) a amplifié cette impression que tout le monde copie tout le monde dans le monde entier (enfin occidental).

Est-ce un hommage de s'habiller comme sa star préférée ou du pur et pauvre plagiat? Devrait-on s'abstenir d'acheter un sac parce que "tout le monde l'a"? 
Je devisais sur ces questions ce matin alors que je portais une tenue copiée de l'actrice Michelle Williams à la recherche (foirée) d'un Balenciaga City en rupture de stock... Il faut croire que que "tout le monde" à Paris veut ce sac...

Qu'en pensez-vous? La copie est-elle la plus sincère forme d'admiration ou juste du vol et donc devrait être sanctionné? Par qui? Quelle peine infliger? Doit-on appeler la fashion police? Et surtout, pensez-vous que Michelle Williams approuverait?
A vos claviers!

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  2. Don't be afraid to copy a look, but only if you can make it your own. I think I stole that quote from Bazaar! I admit to blatantly hunting for a copy of one of Yasmine Sewell's outfits. But I saw it applicable to my life. When I see Mary Kate Olsen I want the pieces she wears but I wouldn't wear it the way she wears it, I prefer the way Ashley wears her clothes--but she does have great pieces too. Anyway, at the end of the day it's just clothes unless it's one of those creepy situations like in those movies where the room-mate starts taking on the other's identity... :/
    I think the dress and boots looks great on both of you, I think it's a compliment to the respective designers that their clothes look good on different women.

  3. Great quote! I don't feel threatened by copy, it's just clothes and everyone brings its own touch, interpretation. No body, attitude, personality is alike and in my opinion that's what makes an outfit. I may wear the same dress and boots as MW but I'm not a petite long hair blond actress.

  4. It's impossible for everyone to wear something in an infinite number of different ways, and it's ridiculous to accuse someone of copying black boots with a dress, haha. I agree with Pret a Porter P that it's all about whether you have the personality to pull it off. And I think you look fantastic in that amazing dress. I think you only cross a line when you want to "be" that person and you're changing yourself to become a look.

  5. Lin: That's what I awkwardly meant when I obviously pointed out that I'm not a "petite long hair blond actress". As much as I admire and get inspired by people around me or celebrities, I don't turn psycho and imitate their personalities, expressions and gestures as if to change myself into them.
    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it very much!

  6. what a gorgeous dress and i think it looks fabulous on you!!!!!

  7. Thanks Nancy! I've had that dress for years now but it's one of those clothes I'm always happy to bring back when the temperature drops!

  8. The dress looks lovely on you, and the boots, just perfect! I'm inspired by lots of things, and people, it might be a celebrety or someone I meet. It's all about the way you wear it and make it a part of your style!

  9. love this look on you and your writing. And YES, I think she'd approve~
    I on the one hand, am a BIG-TIME copycat. I used to be obsessed with being "original" back in my teen angst period. But after much reflection, I realized that I'm not that original at all. I like the same things as a lot of other people and dress like a lot of other people, and so I concluded that what I can do instead is just find people I want to "copy" from or rather get "inspired" from. It is a sincere form of flattery m'thinks. I wouldn't claim my style as my own because it's not something I created without the influence of others whom I admire and like, but I think I'm still undergoing the process of making my style my own. It can be fun and annoying at the same time, but I love fashion way too much to stop now.
    lovely post!
    xoxo Diana

  10. Garderoben: Thanks! Just yesterday I was in a thrift store and saw this young woman trying on a bright pink jacket. So not my style but it looked great on her. I won't copy her but she did inspire me to look for a sweater in a similar shade to brighten up the grey winter weather!

    Thanks a lot Diana!I think it's hard to be very original and unique style-wise even the "misfits of style" as I call them (the late Isabella Blow, Piaggi, Guinness...) obviously draw their inspiration from somewhere or someone else I'm sure. I also think that style shouldn't be about trying hard. If you find an allure, clothes that fit your frame of mind, your life, I don't see the point to reject it just because someone else adopted it before. It might be the first step to getting a sense of what's good for you.
    I copied so many styles, hairstyles, makeup throughout my teen and early tween years, I can only cringe at the memory of some looks. But it was also so much fun trying to look like Janet Jackson! :))

  11. I copy everything! lol! I see something, I fall in love, I have to have it! Story of my life!

  12. Wow, those Lanvin boots are dreamy. They are always my standard for how a flat boot should fit. You look great! As for copying style, I do it all the time and think nothing of it, but I would have a harder time copying from someone I see day to day. Just that awkwardness of showing up in the same thing kind of gives me pause!

  13. Thanks S! The boots are a staple in my wardrobe now and I'm very happy I didn't give up on my search.
    I never understand people copying litteraly someone they know and see on daily basis. When I was a kid, my best friends and I would dress alike and share everything but as an adult it would feel very weird...