dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Coming next

Little pleasures and events I'm anticipating in 2012 in a very random order:
  • my Isabel Marant sneakers coming right up!
  • King's cake
  • Mad Men returns at last! Game of Thrones is back in April! More Downton Abbey!
  • Elections 
  • Summer Olympics
  • "The Twelve" aka The Passage 2 by Justin Cronin, crossing fingers for the next Outlander too! The new John Irving, more Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Already out Lehanne's " The Given Day" that's on my reading list.
  • Soderberg's Haywire, Sherlock Holmes 2, Fincher's Millenium, The Woman in Black, 47 Ronin (Keanu!!!), Prometheus and so  much more promising movies...
  • Canada: I'm coming back!
Thanks to you who are reading my blabla. I'm wishing you all a wonderful year!

Des petits plaisirs et événements que j'anticipe en 2012 dans le désordre :
  • Mes baskets Isabel Marant qui arrivent de suite
  • la galette des rois
  • Mad Men revient enfin! ainsi que Game of Thrones en avril! Plus de Downton Abbey!
  • Les élections
  • les J.O d'été
  • "The Twelve" de Justin Cronin, la suite de "The Passage", je croise les doigts pour le nouvel opus de la série Outlander, le prochain John Irving, plus de Black Dagger brotherhood.
  • Haywire de Soderbeg, Sherlock Holmes 2, Millenium version Fincher, La Femme en Noir, 47 Ronin (Keanu!!!), Prometheus et plein d'autres films prometteurs...
  • Canada me revoilà!
Merci à vous qui lisez mon blabla. Je vous souhaite à tous une merveilleuse année!

14 commentaires:

  1. Sherlock Holmes 2 was fun, I liked it much better than than the 1st one. Don't forget the Dark Knight Rises!!

  2. Thanks, that's good to have feedback Prêt! The Sherlock trailer looked fun indeed. Impossible to forget about TDKR which I can't wait to watch!

  3. Sherlock Holmes 2 was good! Robert Downey Jr. is such a great actor....

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  4. Another positive opinion on Sherlock Holmes 2! Thanks Petrichore!

  5. Happy new year!

    I whole-heartedly agree with your TV choices, and will add Community to my wishlist. I love those guys so much it's ridiculous.

    I'm interested in Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, "Shame" (it hasn't arrived in Singapore), more news about "The Hobbit", "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides in the small paperback edition (hate buying hardbacks and large editions), same goes for "A Dance with Dragons" by George R R Martin.

  6. Thanks Lin!
    I used to watch Community but droped out since last season with no particular reason but now that you mention it I'd like to see what happened with Shirley & Chang, Abed & Troy and the rest of the study group.
    Funny, tonight's tv journal just presented the UK premiere of "Iron Lady". Aside from the certainly amazing performance of Meryl Streep and a portrait of one of the most famous British woman in politics, I can't help but be a bit bored by Hollywood's perfectly timed and made for Awards season biopics. We had Milk, Ray Charles, King George VI, I feel like Mrs Thatcher is just another addition to the list.
    I wish I had your patience, I couldn't wait to read "A Dance with Dragons" and now that's it's long done, I'm left with cliffhangers...for God knows how long, since "The Winds of Winter" has no publishing date yet... Well, at least there's the tv series!

  7. Mad Men returning? Now that certainly is something to look forward to! I adore Isabel Marant, can't wait to see the sneakers <3

  8. J'adore downtown abbey dailleur tu sais si il y a une 3eme saison je suis actuellement à la 2 eme saison. Bonne année à toi aussi

  9. Lidiya: Yes, Mad Men finally returns! Can't wait to see what'll happen next with Don & co!
    Just wore my new shoes today actually. Never felt so tall in sneakers! haha! :))

    DailyGlamour: Ah, une autre fan de Downton Abbey!! J'adore aussi! Oui, il y a une saison 3 en préparation. Aux dernières nouvelles, il faudra patienter jusqu'en septembre pour la suite des aventures de la famille Crawley et de ses employés...

  10. Ouh! Which part of Canada are you visiting??

  11. Dahlia: Montréal for sure but I'd like to go back to Québec city too which I love!

  12. Merci :) je suis ravie de l'apprendre

  13. Shoot moi un e-mail si t'as besoin d'adresses! Restos, musées, cafés, shopping, etc! c.dahlia[at]gmail.com

  14. DailyGlamour: c'est loin septembre mais bon si c'est la série est toujours aussi excellente, ça vaut le coup de patienter.

    Merci Dahlia! Je n'y manquerais pas. Je vais commencer à planifier sérieusement ce voyage. Cela fait tellement longtemps que j'avais envie de retourner au Canada et à chaque fois, je reporte. C'est décidé, cette année sera la bonne!