dimanche 17 juin 2012

Tenue du samedi

By the way, here's what I was wearing last Saturday, for yet another rainy windy day (Yeah, I sound like a broken record. Sorry, just venting my frustration).
In such cases, trousers and closed shoes are de rigueur: I hate getting my feet wet. 
Otherwise, I went for a mix of navy, black, tan with a spot of leopard. Well something classic and casual.

veste/jacket: Uniqlo- tshirt, knit/pull, jeans: h&m -oxfords/derbies: New Look - scarf/écharpe: Accessorize - sac/bag: Balenciaga

Au fait, voilà ce que je portais samedi dernier pour une énième journée de pluie agrémentée de vents (Je fais un peu disque rayé mais il faut bien évacuer la frustration).
Dans ces cas là, le pantalon et chaussures fermées sont de rigueur: je déteste avoir les pieds mouillés. 
Sinon, j'ai opté pour un mélange de marine, noir et de fauve avec une touche de léopard. Du classique relax quoi.

4 commentaires:

  1. The navy t shirt looks so good with black jeans. I've never considered buying a navy one before but it would go with so many of my neutral coloured clothes. Thank you for the inspiration! Also, your H and M jeans are such a great fit. How do you find them? I've bought a few pairs of designer jeans over the years and they always end up losing their shape quite quickly and become baggy. It's very irritating, especially as I hate jean shopping and don't want to have to do it that often! Ps. Your outfit posts are always inspirational and I very much look forward to them.

    1. Thanks a lot!! The jeans are deep blue, close enough but I should upgrade my phone for a better camera!
      I don't want to spend a lot on jeans so I'm usually going for H&M because they last and the sizing is consistent but like any mass-market chains, they also have some awful stuff and sometimes the material is a bit too rough, I find, especially since I tried on Current Elliott and Isabel Marant jeans, I do feel the difference. The ones I've been wearing are from the Squin range, it's a skinny cut.
      Right now, I'm looking for new jeans, with a straight classic cut and it's a nightmare...

  2. Love this outfit! And I feel your pain regarding the weather--it's been terrible here, too.....

    1. Thanks very much! I have the feeling that except for some very privileged parts of the Northern hemisphere, the weather has been very so-so lately to say the least...