vendredi 10 août 2012

Just because

Because I fell head over heels on a coat while summer is finally here,
Because my wardrobe is not Narnia sized,
Because sometimes it's not working anymore,

I'm selling a bunch of Isabel Marant (Etoile and main line) clothes, on ebay including:

Buny blouse - size/taille 38 SOLD

Semax grey graffiti jeans - size/taille 1

Ciara quilted jacket (the short version of that coat) - taille/size 1

Etoile racerback tank tshirt dress - taille/size M - SOLD

Sunday 12th edit: I've added other items including

Isabel Marant Maddox biker pants (SS 2011) - size 1 in dark grey

Minelli oxford shoes - black leather - size 38 SOLD

 Isabel Marant boots - The Gokta - size 38  SOLD

A lovely Etoile dress- size 1

pics credit: Metier,, lagarçonne, Totokaelo, .

Parce que je suis obsédée par un manteau alors que l'été est finalement là,
Parce que mon armoire n'est pas magique et n'a donc pas la taille de celle de Narnia
Parce que parfois, ça ne marche plus entre nous,

Je vends un petit lot de fringues Isabel Marant (Etoile et grande ligne) sur ebay dont photos ci-dessus:

  • une blouse Buny
  • des jeans Semax gris graffiti
  • une veste Ciara
  • une robe t-shirt drapée  

5 commentaires:

  1. That's so sad you are selling your jacket! It didn't really work for you? I wear mine all the time, and the buny blouse too. I hope you will earn enough funds for the coat you are craving!

    1. The jacket is fantastic but I don't wear it that much. Of course, I'd rather keep it but it would be feel like a waste. Same goes for the Buny which I barely wore. Anyway, with eBay it's a question of luck. Sometimes I'm suprised by the (insane) amount for some items while others don't find buyers...
      The coat I want is so freaking expensive and fantastic,I'm looking at it every single day... We'll see if I can get it or if it will remain just a dream.

  2. Lately, I had to cull my wardrobe again. Although I tend not to hold an emotional attachment to my wardrobe, some items still have a sentimental value. Like you've said, sometimes when it's not working, it's just not working.....

    1. Getting rid of clothes is usually easy for me too. From time to time it can be such a tricky process with in the back of my mind the thought of regretting letting go of treasures. But most of the time, I think the key is to trust your guts!

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