jeudi 23 août 2012

The summer of long

Yes, this season, I felt no love for mini skirt, shorts and other tiny piece of clothes. Knee length must have been the shortest I went lately.

Like an opposite effect to the usual unveiling and show of skin when heat waves hit, I'm attracted to clothes with more fabric... 

I'm not turning into a modest zealot but simply appreciate the freedom pants and longer clothes give. No self-conscious feeling nor thoughts inevitably lingering on possible VPL or wardrobe malfunctions.

I generally feel good in my own skin and take care of my appearance and body. Yet showing it off has never been my thing, except maybe when I was much younger, a lot more oblivious, rebelious, provocative, in a word, a teenager.

I prefer to let my clothes do the talking in a subtle way: a bit of bare legs, a lightly cinched waist, a nonchalant décolleté, slim silhouette or au contraire playing with volumes.

Bellow is a sample of outfits worn these past days.

Last saturday, as we were roasting under 40 Celsius degrees, instead of baring myself,  I was inspired by Tuareg's style: all white, loose clothes in cotton and linen, hair wrapped. In a stiffling atmosphere, who better than people from the desert knows how to keep cool?

shirt/chemise: Uniqlo - pants/pantalon: Zara TRF - sandals/sandales: André - bag/sac: YSL Downtown

By tuesday, the air was still hot but manageable around 30°C so I decided to try on tweed and wool jackets (haha! "Crazy" is my middle name). So here I am, after work, in the changing room of the Isabel Marant corner at the Galeries Lafayette.

 tank/débardeur - linen skirt/jupe: h&m - sandales/sandals: André - bag/sac:YSL

On wednesday, I put on my quintessential boho "summer of love" dress... 

jacket/veste: Uniqlo - dress/robe: René Derhy - sandals/sandales: André - bag/sac: YSL

And today, all linen look with a simple black shirt-dress under my trusted Uniqlo jacket.

jacket /veste: Uniqlo - shirt-dress/robe-chemise: h&m - sandals/sandales: Isabel Marant"Merry"- bag/sac: Balenciaga

8 commentaires:

  1. I LOVE the white linen look. absolutely perfect.

  2. It is definitely harder to dress in above 30 degree heat.
    Well done

    1. Thanks Irene! Extreme temperatures are indeed always challenging style wise especially if one doesn't want to dress as if heading to the beach...

  3. love your white linen and tank/skirt looks! i'm finally coming around to the necessity of breezy dresses and skirts :)

    1. Thanks! One of the merit of heat waves is that it's so quick to get dressed! No need to think it over and over again with unnecessary layers.

  4. And all of these outfits look cool and refreshing, you look comfortable as well as 'chic'- I love the grey in the second image, and the dress looks beautiful with the blazer. I always have trouble locating the correct skirt length, it has become something of a bugbear with me. Dresses would solve the issue but I am so reluctant to give up my shirts and blouses!

    1. Thank you! Knee length are quite universally flattering I find but I also like the midi-mid calf lenghth.
      That said it seems to me that finding a well cut and fitted skirt can be as challenging as "good" pants.