lundi 8 octobre 2012


A while ago I was browsing through the TFS thread dedicated to Michelle William's style, feeling, without having any right to it, confused, even a bit disappointed over the actress's recent fashion choices.

Some members voiced their perplexity but another TFSer, whom I'll paraphrase, simply stated that she didn't want to be judgemental on the actress current style because at least she was trying something new. That comment hit a point.

Once you've reached your own style graal: when you know what you like and are able to put it in practice, when you're comfortable with what you have and how you look, then what ? Do you commit to that style forever and stay safe? How do you stay true to your fashion-self without being on repeat mode or falling into the trendy wagon?

I think I would feel fossilized if, day in and out, almost nothing in my appearance changed. Even if the foundation of the way I dress and what I like is pretty much set in stone, I still feel the need to inject something new, to try and get a bit out of my fashion comfort zone.

Easy ways for me to try something new is often through a cut, colors or prints and accessories. What will shake up my looks this season:

1- A military inspired jacket.
From the very structured cut to the gold double breasted buttons and trims, these details intrigued me and I never would have tried it on, if it was not for S... 
When I did, I was completely surprised to love what I saw in the mirror. This item is completely different from any outerwear I own (not slightly oversized, tapered, snugly or conservative) yet it sparked inspiration, actually works with my other clothes and fits my way of life.   

veste/ jacket: Isabel Marant

2- A bit of bordeaux to mix up with my usual greys, kaki greens and navys. I got only 2 items: an ever useful cashmere scarf and a knit. Both easily wearable. 

scarf/écharpe: COS - pull/knit: H&M

I really like this color but knowing myself I'd have a hard time wearing, say, bordeaux trousers or even a jacket. Case in point I just sold back an IM Etoile leather jacket in a gorgeous framboise color that, as much as I liked it, was collecting up dust since its purchase 2 months + ago. 

3- Loafers and driving shoes. Being 95 % of the time in all kinds of flats, I was yet a bit dubious of the loafers and driving shoes movement.
Seeing Prêt looking great in her driving shoes made me reconsider. Then I also saw pictures of loafers/slippers styled in a way I could relate. Something in my range, because I already have most ingredients in my closet to try it, yet fresh because it's not the usual association I go for. I haven't found the "right" loafers for me yet but pics 1 and 3 are showing the kind of model I'm after.   

 pics from Galeries Lafayette collections automne-hiver 2012

Ok, I think that's about it for me. Is there anything new to your eyes that you want to try? Do you feel like shaking things up a bit?

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  1. The jacket looks great on you. I love navy + gold buttons. Burgundy looks great with navy, greys, or blacks. I somehow ruined my burgundy cardigan so it’s downgraded to house wear. :( The best pair of drivers I had were from Banana Republic. They were simple with no hardware. But the simplest things are the hardest find! Cole Haan always carries driving shoes for under $200 usd. I like the editorial, very chic.

    When I try something new, sometimes it works (slouchy harem pants), sometimes it doesn't (patent chelsea boots).

    1. Thanks so much!

      I've tried high heeled pumps, not working for me. I felt strangely too "womanly".

      You remind me that we have a BR store and I should visit it because you're right: all I see are loafers with tassles, with bright soles à la Paul Smith/Jil Sander, etc. I really liked the kind you were wearing and that's what exactly I'm looking for. I saw some could-be-interesting-loafers at the Tod's corner a few weeks ago but too expensive for now.

  2. you look fantastic in the military jacket! love the Galeries Lafayette photos too - such accessible, elegant pieces! i've just updated my fall wardrobe planning with a new post and, yes, a pair of oxfords and penny loafers are on the list :) not to mention they're so perfect for work as well.

    the newest thing i've tried lately is definitely the Marant-inspired sneaker wedge. i am quite obsessed with mine! :)

    1. Thank you! I guess we all caught the same shoe cravings! Haha!
      I think you pinpoint why these shoes are so successful: isn't it great to have shoes that are wearable for casual moments and work? It's the perfect win-win!

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