dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Me & MMM x H&M : Act 1

scene 1

It's friday evening, I'm watching tv, there's a MMM for H&M commercial. 

My mom makes fun of the asymetrical dress. I shake my head and look at her in disbelief like she doesn't know anything about fashion. 

I try to explain to her about Margiela and how it's a creative, prestigious brand and that it's made available to the masses, that it's called a "masstige" for that reason. NCIS is back on so I give up.   

scene 2

Saturday morning, I'm browsing though my favorite online consingment store and see several Marni for H&M stuff for sale and highly discounted. 

I remember how on launch day, there was nothing  left (by which I mean all the nice things were gone) when I went to check the collection during lunch break and I shake my head. 

Nevertheless, I check h&m's website to see the lookbook and details about the MMM collection. Thinking about the crazy queues that will happen makes me shake my head once more. 

Anyway, I think to myself that my pockets are empty: still got more taxes to pay and I purchased a new bag (Yeah! Even if I shouldn't have but it's done now so I better enjoy it!). Plus I'm at work on that day.

So it's settled then, no MMM for H&M for me.

scene 3: 

Saturday noon, heading out of the house for lunch, I find a big white enveloppe in my mailbox.  Hum, quite mysterious. What can it be? 

When I see the folded luxe paper and the minimal MMM lettering and numbers, it all sinks in and suddenly I'm excited: I had nonchalantly entered my name and address in a contest to win an invitation to an early MMM for H&M shopping session at the Champs Elysées store on November 14th and I "won"!

Suddenly all my motives to snub the event have vanished and are replaced by the possibility. I can go, I could go, I will go, won't I ? And if I do, is there anything I really badly want? Would I be strong enough to go and leave empty handed?

To be quite honest, I think it's the "buzz" talking me into going and that I'm slowly coming back to my senses.

What do you think?

6 commentaires:

  1. cool. if you can go, why not? I'm going to go in the evening when I'm finished with my day. But I'll probably walk out empty handed because I doubt the jackets will fit me anyway.

    1. It's just my primary anti-consumer instinct telling me to shut all that commercial nonsense down! Haha!
      I'm also having doubts about the fit of the clothes on my "standard" frame.

  2. Scene 1 is very funny. Scene 3 - go. Just leave the purse at home.

    1. Ahh that's my mom... She's great for comic relief.
      Good tip about going without any cash! I used to do that a few years ago and that's an old tradition I should reinstate.

  3. I am dying for the navy blue cashmere dress and the nude shoes! What are you getting? You have to get something!

    1. I know which items you mean and I like the cashmere knit too especially in navy.
      If I do get something it would be the sneakers.