jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Me & MMM x H&M: curtain!

Scene 1: wednesday, 18.30, Champs-Elysées avenue

So I left work, rode the metro line 1, even naively took the liberty of checking Massimo Dutti and Marks&Spencer, thinking that I had all the time in the world before checking the collaboration.

And then I reached the H&M store where hundreds of People were already gathered, squeezed behind gates... And the event had not even started yet... 

When I saw the queues (yes, plural), I couldn't believe my eyes. I honestly wondered if H&M had paid some to join in. Or more likely, H&M sent invitations to all the persons who put their names down in the contest. Me included! Haha!

There was just no way I would have willingly waited in the cold and windy Champs-Elysees avenue for that collaboration with the hypothetical chance to see what I wanted without being mobed. So I left.

scene 2: wednesday, 19.00 (MMM x H&M launch time at the Champs-Elysées store), in the métro heading back home:

According to tweets relating the "event", the store quickly turned into a shopping war zone. No regrets. I'll check tomorrow at lunch break, I thought.

scene 3: thursday, 13.30, H&M rue de rivoli store:

There are a few items left, long silky dresses battling in duel with a couple of printed tees, books wrapped laid on tables, sales assistants wearing the MMM white apron and that is it... 4 hours after the store opening...

Obviously, no more sneakers, or cashmere oversized knits, and yet, for these leftovers, security (at least 5 agents) is tight, glaring at any patrons approaching the tiny perimeter of the collaboration as if we were not potential buyers but scoundrels ready for any mischief... Pathetic.

Of course, I can only imagine the level of hysteria the staff must have endured during the first hours of the store opening still I feel like fleeing the store which I do. Empty handed.

What about you? Did you at least get the chance to see some items or even purchase what you wanted? Disappointed or satisfied?

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  1. I really loved the lookbook but after much consideration I realized I am just too short for everything! The one piece I wanted was the oversized navy turtleneck, but I know the length would be awkward on me and hemming knits is basically impossible.

    So I will just go back to stalking Margiela pieces on yoox/eBay until the price is right ;-)

    1. The discount and sales shopping is a much more interesting option. I found a store where the MMM x H&M stock was more consistent and tried on the maxi grey dress. It looked good but left so many lint over me, for that price I'd expected better quality.
      Sizing was also one of my main worry and I've learned that the "too" oversized look is not flattering on me. It can look great on model-height people which I'm not...

  2. I'll go tomorrow, after I find out how much my car maintenance will cost (and if it doesn't cost me vital organs) I don't see Margiela big a big deal where I live...but you never know...

    I don't blame the security for glaring at people, I've seen what disgusting vultures shoppers can become.

    1. Oouch, car troubles! It sucks.
      I honestly didn't expect the collection to be such a hit in my rather conservative city... I have yet to see anyone in the streets wearing items from MMM x H&M though...
      Having worked in sales, I know how people can lose their sanity over a piece of clothing but the secutity's attitude given that the "storm had passed" and the store (and stock) was quite empty felt out of place. I wanted to tell them to chill, there's nothing left for us to fight over! haha!
      I actually went to another store today which had a lot more stock left and tried on some stuff but nothing made me break my resolution to not spend.

    2. I went today. Plenty left. I'm happy with the #1 piece I wanted which the is the black DB with the option to wear the collar upturned. It runs really small. I'm usually a 00, and I sized up from the 2 to a 4.

      I will return the scarf top and apron skirt, the gaping in the skirt isn't practical for me, and I'd want to wear it as a set as I already have a similar kimono top. I'd reconsider if it was on sale, otherwise it's too expensive for something not very practical...

      I'm on the fence about keeping the sequin print dress, since I'd have to hem it and I don't like the white hem anyway and the material seems delicate.

      7 days to return MMM stuff. Candy clutches were sold out too. I didn't want one, but I was curious to see how they looked.

    3. That's great you were able to find what you wanted! I hope you'll show us how you'll wear it! The sequin print dress looks fantastic, edgy and glam. Wish I could have seen it!

  3. I was looking for something on H&M's website and the MM collection popped up. So I clicked on white trainers. Sold out. C'est la vie. Meant to be.

    But not cut up about it at all - I didn't really need them.

    1. You know I double checked the sneakers and realized that they're not even made of leather. The description is rather confusing, it says that the lining is leather but the rest is plastic... No regrets at all.

  4. In Lisbon, Portugal, the collection is not popular with the locals at all. Only a small queue yesterday and I waited in line for about 30 minutes in total. I arrived at the store 10 minutes before it opened, I was the last person in line. Within 20 minutes, I was already browsing the collection. I bought 4 items and went back this morning to return 2 of them, one to be exchanged with another item of the same price. Plus, most of the collection was still available with the exception of the candy wrapper clutch that seems to be a universal sold out piece, so I took my time and tried on a bunch of other pieces just to see if any of them surprised me. But they didn't and now I have no more curiosity about this collection.

    This is what I got in the end:
    1)circle shirt - such a classic margiela design, stand out and understated at the same time, super versatile piece.
    2)black oversized fold-over skirt - love this piece, well tailored, great fit and super flattering
    3)black upside down purse - so fun and an obvious example of margiela's conceptual framework. In terms of practicality, it's a nice alternative to a clutch.

    1) grey skirt trousers - skirt too tapered, can't walk properly
    2) oversized jeans - nice from the front, horrid from the back. There's a reason why there's no images on the internet of these babies from behind. The b-boy, skater turned raver look is not for me.

    All in all. The collection is well made for the price and the quality of the materials is above the h&m quality. I'm glad that I live in a city where the latest thing in fashion is not a huge influence and got to look at the collection with a more objective eye.

    1. Thanks for that thorough information and congrats on getting what you wanted!
      In comparison with other collaborations, I have the impression that h&m made very limited blogging promotion. Maybe they were afraid of the (negative) impact of pictures of real people wearing some items from the collab.
      I must say the wrapped skirt completely flew over my head but I just checked it again and it must be a very good piece. Something that could be easily wearable for me...

  5. I think people usually look for the stand out pieces. People that know his work want the more iconic pieces and ones who don't just want something different and unique. So the skirt is not one of those obvious pieces but I was pleasantly surprised with how well cut it is and the quality of the fabric. The skirt flew over my head the first time too but I was lucky that it was still around when I went back to return the pieces I didn't want. It is a very wearable and totally understated Margiela design.

    I didn't bother with any of the footwear. As you mentioned above, the 'leather' is more like pleather, same goes with the leather jackets, which are totally not my thing anyway. The long sweaters are a decent quality cashmere. The body part looks nice but I can't handle those super long sleeves, which is the integral part of the design.