dimanche 10 février 2013

Tenue du jour : metro station

Back from sunday morning's grocery errands and waiting for the subway to get home before the snow falls.

This has been my week-end uniform lately: parka, knit, skinny jeans tucked into over the knee boots. All of it in my standard "mishmash" of black and grey.

To add a bit of spice, a good old red lipstick. It's my winter fancy. With the grey skies, lack of sun, the strain of staying hours indoors, all I want to avoid is playing (too) matchy-matchy with the city background and nothing works faster and better to brigten up the face than a bit of color on the lips. When I do, it's always with a "bare" face and wearing a very casual look like today.

down coat/parka: Uniqlo - sweater/pull: Zara - jeans: h&m - beanie/bonnet: Eric Bompard - scarf/écharpe: COS - over the knee boots/cuissardes: Stuart Weitzman

6 commentaires:

  1. Love this - you achieve the winter city gray/black look without looking completely boring!

    1. Thanks! By now with winter still dragging on for way too long in my opinion, being not completely boring and bored by my clothes is my ultimate goal!

  2. I'm so mad at myself for not getting this puffer jacket from Uniqlo when it hit the stores. Now it's absolutely freezing and I need it!!

  3. I always find it maddening that when you actually need winter clothes, it's almost impossible to find. I was at Uniqlo just today and as much as I'd like to indulge in the spring collection, I'd like to be able to find also warm knits, that'd be more useful at the moment...