dimanche 29 septembre 2013

Eté indien: part 2

tenue 29092013


It's too hot (20°c) to be covered head to toe in warm fall gear yet not enough to stroll in bare arms or in sandals especially since the threatening sky sometimes lets a few drops of rain fall. 

My solution: an old chunky maxi cardigan (h&m) over a demure knee length wool dress (old Isabel Marant) and rugged moto boots (old from Gap) equal a comfy week-end look.

It's the kind of combination I plan to live in when fed up with jeans this season. Will just add one of my parka or longer coat and opaque ribbed tights when the temperatures drop significantly.

Il fait trop chaud (20°c) pour se couvrir de pied en cap dans des vêtements d'automne, mais pas assez pour sortir bras nus ou découvrir ses orteils d'autant que le ciel menaçant laisse parfois tomber quelques gouttes de pluie.  

Ma solution : un vieux maxi cardigan épais (h&m) par-dessus une robe sage en laine longueur genoux (du "vieux" Isabel Marant) et de robustes boots de motard (du vieux Gap) égalent un look confortable, pratique pour un week-end d'automne.

C'est le genre d'association que je compte porter à volonté quand je trouverai mes jeans ennuyeux cette saison. J'ajouterai juste une de mes parkas ou un long manteau et des collants opaques côtelés quand les températures baisseront de manière significatives.

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  1. Lovely off duty look. You look so chic!

  2. Hi Aissa

    I have recently found your blog and absolutely love it! I have been reading some of your older entries and love all of your looks and have found much inspiration on how to update some of my own wardrobe which is definitely needed!. I was going to attempt to add some colour as I am fed up off all the grey and thought I'd copy your style of finding a pink scarf..can you tell me, is your Isabel Marant one from a year or so back actually pink as it looks like more of a coral colour? I think I have tracked something similar by Isabel Marant on Farfetch.
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Mias ! Thanks for your lovely comment! The IM scarf is really pink. Hope this helps!