mardi 7 janvier 2014

2013 thoughts, 2014 goals

A few thoughts I gathered on my 2013 fashion journey:
  • I essentially shopped basics: Uniqlo like COS got a substantial part of my earnings in 2013 as both once again provided with understated and well made clothes that work with what I already have and blend in as well for work as for casual circumstances. In the case of Uniqlo, the brand’s style is not revolutionary to state the obvious, it’s not designer copycat and frankly it’s something I appreciate more and more. Looking at clothes and thinking instantly “this is so [insert name of the trendy/hit designers of the season]!” is getting boring. At least bland generic clothes allow you to inject your own personality through other details of an outfit and not draw attention to the – ostentatious as seen on bloggers/streetstyle- items.
  • Just like Paul Smith’s fall-winter 2012 collection made a lasting impression on me and still inspires what I buy and how I dress, Dries van Noten's latest collection is having a big influence on me. After several winters of routine black-grey looks that I was growing tired of, his poetic yet mostly realistic looks and mix of retro boy meets girl pushed me to try a bit of color, to copy his silhouettes and being now well in my thirties, I feel like coming to myself in androgynous, simple with a twist outfits.
  • A lesson I keep on learning is to master my first impulses and not buy on the spot an item I like just because I can right now. I did it for most purchases: thinking it through, sleeping on it, going back to try it on again and again. Sometimes the envy died away within a few days. Other times, I fidgeted so long that the item was no longer available (like the Dries van Noten skirt) but most of what I got after careful consideration turned out to be essential daily used items. Not that it always works so smoothly, mind you (see point below) but I'm getting there.
  • Being aware that I really shouldn't shop when I feel like crap because it's a sure recipe for disaster. Last year, I made a fair share of purchases mistakes thanks to stupid feel better consumerism buys. Like that Sonia Rykiel skirt I got on a sad after-work Friday evening that looked "so good!" almost like the Acne one I was craving for but was too broke to get and less expensive! Yay! So I bought it even if I had the nagging feeling that I shouldn’t. No surprise then that when I got home, suddenly it didn’t work that well and I never wore the thing.
2013 was a very good year, I rarely suffered from a - I don't know what to wear- crisis, got a few amazing items that I love and have no regrets about. Still what's bugging me is how obsessed with clothes I can become. It takes too much time, space and money. The thing is my "condition" has been going on pretty much since I was a kid, i.e. a long time ago. I just love nice things and owning them even more. Apparently the first step to recovery is to recognize the problem. So I plan on taking baby steps as of this month to reduce my consumption.

First strategy is to set up reasonable achievable goals. Because just like with any diet, strict restrictions will only lead to relapse, I've set a list of 3 wanted/needed things I'm allowed to buy in a limited period of time.

With sales finally coming up in Paris this wednesday, I'll try to snatch up 2 items: the DvN scarf and APC gloves, only those 2. A simple and quick grab, pay and go.

Third item, actually the most important: black jeans. The only pair I have unnerves me to no end with its zip fly always gliding down so I need a replacement.

That's it. Till Spring...March 21st... Okay, let's round it up on March 1st and see if I was able to hold on to my pledge. Anyone else taking resolutions for the New Year? Please share!

(Pic: La Garçonne)

8 commentaires:

  1. I also hope to buy fewer and more well-planned items per season:)

    I don't think I've ever told you, but I love your blog! Your outfits are truly inspiring!

    1. Good luck on your resolution as well!
      It's D-day for sales here and I'm bombarded with tempting emails... But I intend to remain strong and delete them the instant they drop! So far so good!
      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Réponses
    1. Thanks! I don't think I've ever been as resolute as I am now so that's a good start right?

  3. I've so enjoyed following you this past year, and I look forward to the next. Your style seems so natural, it's hard to thing of you needing resolutions. But I feel you on the - bugged by clothing obsession - feeling. I spent so much time researching and thinking about clothes last year, I feel I should really channel my energy into something more rewarding.

    1. Thanks Dottie! You totally understand my point: it's about weakening the influence and weight shopping has on my life.
      I know it's so shallow but I think I'd be depressed if I ever had to entirely stop caring about and buying clothes! I love fashion too much! Haha!

  4. I've gone off the rails a bit in 2013. I like how restrained you are about your purchases. I know what you mean about Uniqlo. They don't really care too much about trends but stick to what they do well best.

    1. Oh believe me I've gone off the rails too last year! Here's to a better year with "good" shopping nonetheless!