dimanche 2 mars 2014

In Virginia's steps

The US Vogue team may not get as much attention (and praise) as the Paris one for their streetstyle but to me, Virginia Smith and Grace Coddington are as equally inspiring as their French colleagues.

I especially appreciate Virginia's recent take on the whole oversize look: large outerwear and pants ensemble and slip-on sneakers. No usual small/big counterpoint here, no timid baggy trousers and tiny fitted jacket or wide coat with skinny pants and teetering heels, she's all in.

The effect of this silhouette seen on runways and mags looked positively relaxed yet modern and elegant. Still, the trick with looks hot off the shows/press is to grasp their translation to the real world, on non-models figures.

Grace's black and white outfit is an easier approach, her peacoat has a regular fit, balances her wider pants and in the grand scheme, this look is certainly much more flattering and suitable on most women.

But after spending almost all season with my oversized coats and slim pants, testing a more daring option sounded appealing.

Grace and Virginia (buro247.com.ua)

Virginia at the NYFW (Fabsugar)

Taking advantage of a bright warm spring-like day, picking clues from Virginia, I decided to remain in a subdued color palette, to avoid visual clashes and give a more linear effect to the look. Otherwise, I added a couple of grey touches including a college casual sweatshirt. And I was rather pleased with the result.

I'm wearing: Filippa K Inès coat - COS scarf - APC sweater -Isabel Marant Etoile cords - Eden Paris slip-on sneakers - Celine tote bag - batik shopping bag from Bénin

What are your inspirations lately? Is there anyone who drove you to try a little change in your style ?

4 commentaires:

  1. I love and need an oversized coat. I think a big, long coat really is the best option for wearing over wide pants. I plan to sew one next Fall, but for now I'm already looking toward Spring.

    1. You're able to sew your clothes, that's fantastic! What do you have in mind for spring? I'd like to add a transitional outerwear other than my trench. You know the longer coat and wide pants combination reminds me of old school 40's glamour, a bit Katherine Hepburn chic.

  2. I think you got the proportions spot on! Oversized is so hard to do - I think it can go wrong quite easily and make people look like they couldn't be bothered or awkward in a bad way. Love how you're taking inspiration and applying it to real life - I have been quite lazy. I'm actually really intrigued by the midi-lengths and my cousin gave me a midi skirt she doesn't think suits her; I may give it a whirl.

    1. Thanks! Please share your take on the midi length. Did you see the M. Howell collection? I was really inspired by her style propositions.