dimanche 20 avril 2014

The 1%

More than ever my style has been revolving around basics as we're back to the seasonal game of putting together an outfit for 2 seasons coexisting in the span of a day. 

Finding the balance between cold and warm has actually become easier once I gave up -for the time being- on lighter outerwear (my trench) and the multiple layers it required for an actual coat. It kind of felt like a throwback but in the end it just makes more sense. No more back and forth trips to the office's restroom to take off the heavy knit in the late morning then return later in the afternoon for the thermal... 

Coat + thin knit + top is enough to keep me warm in the freezing morning and prevents suffocation/perspiration situations in the balmier afternoons so that's what I've been wearing non-stop lately.

Here are two recent outfits, with the same coat as I've hastily put away 99 % of my winter outerwear...

The business week look: it's the no distraction (see focused and serious face) - I want to look good but understated - outfit. My simple and no-nonsense work uniform : 
  • hair gathered in a puff, 
  • no visible face make-up, 
  • next to no jewellery, 
  • tunic knit over polka dot blouse, slim pants, 
  • sensible high heeled pumps, 
  • full tote bag.

coat/manteau + scarf /écharpe: Isabel Marant - knit sweater/ pull + pants/pantalon: COS - pumps /escarpins: Jonak  -  tote bag /sac cabas: Céline

The Saturday look: For the week-end, anything will do. However, items usually excluded during business week i.e. jeans, sneakers tend to be on heavy rotation. Yesterday's supermarket run meant a quick and comfy outfit (and apparently, opening my eyes required too much effort on a Saturday morning...). It was casual with a touch of girly:
  • twist-out free hair, 
  • MAC's Party Line lipstick, 
  • 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet, 
  • grey slouchy sweater over white linen tee, grey jeans, 
  • slip-on sneakers,
  • small light bag. 

coat/manteau + white linen tshirt / tshirt en lin blanc: Isabel Marant - sweatshirt:Isabel Marant x HM - jeans: Uniqlo - slip-on sneakers/ baskets: Eden Shoes - bag/sac: Céline Trio

8 commentaires:

  1. that coat really does suit you perfectly.

    1. Oh yeah, this one was worth every Euro, no regrets!

  2. very chic as usual. Cant wait to see your summer style!

    1. What a sweet comment, I'm so thankful! Can't wait for summer either! ;))

  3. Love the subtle changes that mark a work day from the weekend - i think it's seeing how people move from one setting to the next that really shows off personal style!

    1. Yes, I have the same feeling: changing of clothes/style for the week-end is a bit like loosening up and the moment to let oneself be whatever you feel like.

  4. Lovely outfits - I really love your coat.

    1. Thanks Kate! Sometimes my affection for it declines in favor of another coat but I always go back to it!