mercredi 24 septembre 2014


This post has been stuck in the draft section for the past 2 weeks and it's almost already irrelevant since we sent from crisp to hot and now truly cool... I thought I'd publish it anyway.

I'm making the effort to wear other shoes than sandals once/twice a week even if there's no rain on the horizon, the temperatures warm in the noon but it is getting crisp. It's my way to process (physically and mentally) the incoming change of season. After weeks of freedom, my feet are rebelling against being confined back to closed shoes and make me suffer a bit in retaliation...

In the same transition spirit, I've been mixing lots of summery blues with black and grey. Like a blue oxford shirt, light grey knit tunic and dark grey pants or last wednesday's work outfit - dark blue linen pleated skirt plus black sweater- worn last wednesday. The contrast of the different blue shades - ocean, blue sky- with the urban grey and black. 

I'm wearing:
Pull/sweater + jupe/skirt: COS - ballerines/ballet flats: Jonak - tote bag/cabas: Céline

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  1. Love it, as always :) You're a constant inspiration!

    1. Thanks Rachel! That's such a nice comment to read!😊