lundi 1 septembre 2014

The 4 for Fall

The circle of life - the fashion consumption edition is on again and trying to claim yet another victim -me- with its temptations of new clothes: you know the ones that will magnify you and make you feel like a brand new powerful elegant goddess woman while (wearily) commuting and working to actually pay for said clothes... 

No way I'm going through a budget crisis because of clothes and shoes, which means focusing on the essentials. 

That is, what needs to be replaced, will be worn on a frequent basis, is most likely to last more than a season.  

So far after much thinking (of what I already have - a lot, my habits - always wearing the same few items in the end), editing and trying out sessions, I came up with these 4 items I'm planning to buy:

1) pants - essentially for work;
2) classic everyday black boots;
3) the trendy yet versatile cardigan;
4) slim/straight jeans.

Last winter I lived in these COS slim black pant and since it's so annoying to shop/find "good" pants, I'm considering the easy way out and simply buy a second pair of said pants. The length is ideal for flats as well as for heels, the material is comfortable (cotton with a bit of stretch), easy maintenance (if I feel fancy I'll give it a slight ironing but it's not even that necessary in my opinion). The perfect "get up and go" pants.

slim black pants (COS)

Walkable sleek boots: that simple clean pair that gets you (comfortably) through the day and these timeless DvN boots would be the dream. The heel is about 2 to 3 cm lower than my 2 other pairs of black boots (Acne "Pistol" and Colisée de Sacha) but it's significant enough to mean business. I also think they'd work perfectly with the above-mentioned COS pants for instance, likewise with skirts/dresses and opaque black tights.
I saw and tried similar boots and certainly less expensive ones but I'm hopeless. Once my mind's set on an item I couldn't help but notice the flaws (made up or real) of other boots. There's always a nagging issue: some kind of decoration, a bad omen - like when I try on the shoes and get an instant cramp, a "defect"...  Anyway, the Dries got me but will I get them?

As much as I wanted this COS cardigan as a budget substitute, it's a pity but it just lacks the extra length, the rich color hue and cosy texture of the Isabel Marant... 
First I'm a sucker for knitwear especially one that reminds me of my teen grungy phase. Second, I like that it's either outerwear or layering piece. It's suitable for the fall transition when you don't know what to put on for the cool but still warm days. It would also look great underneath a trench or a coat, over a dress or slim pants when it gets really cold. Plus I could wear it all over again in the spring. Third, I atually need to refresh my cardigan stock.

The oversized cardigan by Isabel Marant Etoile (Mytheresa)

Le Bon Marché staff styled the cardigan in a very casual but cute way, I'd just swap the sneakers for loafers or ballet flats.

(my picture)

I've been having a sort of jeans crisis lately, feeling like I should get rid of most of them (I haven't - yet) and renew my personal stock. I've been especially drawn to the raw deep indigo tint and slim cut, a very classic but trendy at the moment take on denim. 
I tried the APC models but they don't fit me, plus are too expensive. The Acne ones didn't impress me that much either. 
So once again I'm back to looking at COS and Uniqlo's straight/slim jeans and after trying the latter, they keep coming back in my mind. That's a good sign.
Among my boyfriend/skinny/ not really slim anymore older jeans, this sober model would fit right with my classic but casual state of mind, teaming them with a blazer and Stan Smith sneakers for instance.


So considering that I'm set on 2 very expensive items, I've been making inventory of what I can sell to gather some funds which -except for the obvious couple don't work anymore items - turns out to be more difficult than expected but that's another matter.
I don't know if I'll be able to get these items, both pants do seem far more within my reach than the boots and cardigan! So that's a start I guess...
Have you figured out already what will be your next fashion purchases ?

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  1. Ah yes the basics, not the most exciting things to buy, but what ends up being worn the most. I say go for another pair of the COS if you know it's a style that fits you. I too like easy care black pants, I live in my Zara ones.

    Do you know the style name of those Uniqlos? I could use some black slim straight jeans too as my black wax ones are showing their age and are too hot for summer.

    I could use some nicer or new slouchy casual pants. Definitely a black pair and maybe a color (I'm thinking olive/military green). I didn't find anything @ f21/h&m. I ordered some white jeans, so I'll see how they work out when they arrive. Some white long sleeve tees to wear underneath a uniform. Also there's a designer collab with Target and I've got my eye on an oxford shirt and belt. There's a tempting red velvet le smoking part of it, but really I hardly wear the velvet jackets (and other jackets) I have.

    1. The Uniqlo jeans are called "regular fit straight". They were a bit too long but from what I gathered hem is free!
      Your list is so restrained! Zara's pretty good at slouchy pants too. What's that Target collab? I had forgotten it's that time of the year again when all kinds of designer collabs drop... Browsed through the Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo catalogue but it left me cold.

    2. oh darn the us uniqlo website doesn't carry those jeans. I tried on pants & jeans from ines and it ran very big.
      the target collab is w/ altuzarra, very tom ford era gucci looking collection, but i find what i've seen of altu in general is very tom ford gucci looking.

    3. That's too bad Uniqlo not selling this model online. I also dropped by Gap in a long time and tried their straight jeans which were pretty ok too...
      Yes the IDLF x Uniqlo ran really big and the cut of the items I tried on was so-so.
      Oh I saw a lot of celebs wearing the Target colab and indeed I sensed the Tom Ford x Gucci "touch"! I don't know about you but I'm always feeling ambivalent when I'm able to pick up straight away designers influences. Even if I know that there's no patent on influences and inspiration, when the source is just too obvious,even if it's from a designer I originally like, it almost makes me feel like I'm buying a copy...

    4. The red velvet suit reminded me of a Gwyneth Paltrow 90's Gucci look, same for the snake print dress!

  2. I'm hearing you on the trendy and versatile cardigan, haha. My favourite cardigan is an old APC one but I'd always wished it has long sleeves - the sleeves only reach the elbow.

    I just saw a navy textured one at COS that's lighter weight which is good for SG weather, with longer sleeves that end at the wrist, and has this nice over-sized shape. Very tempting!

    If you're considering simple straight jeans and don't mind trying selvedge denim, I recommend Nudies - cheaper, good quality, more fits to choose from, and they have fairly sound production ethics. It's also better priced than APC (i think about 70 to 90GBP on Mr Porter). Mine are Grim Tims - I find the fit very flattering. I dont like their skinny fit ones though because the material is considerably thinner and stretchier, and in my opinion, not worth the money.

    1. Ever since I started watching the UK tv series "Broadchurch" with one louche character sporting a grandpa cardigan, I'm even more stuck on the idea of getting a similar coverup.
      That navy cardigan sounds really good and the color would work so well with your new bag! ;))
      The Nudies must be really good, the smaller sizes are very hard to find online!

    2. I love the two leads in Broadchurch - David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

      Shame about the Nudies! And I actually sized up for mine - I have to buy a 31.

    3. I don't usually watch US remakes of tv shows but I will definitely check Gracepoint for the sake of David Tennant!

  3. Your shopping list is very similar to mine!

    I have those jeans from Uniqlo and I really love them - a bit too long, but I don't mind turn ups :)
    Bought these from Gap the other day ( and I've worn them every say since they arrived, the fit is SO good.

    I've been on the hunt for slim smart black/navy trousers, too. I bought some from the IDLF x Uniqlo collection but sent them back because the fit wasn't nice (too low, too skinny). I'll have to try the ones from Cos - thanks for the tip! :)


    1. Yeah, that's these Gap jeans I was writing about to Prêt à Porter P. I tried them on as well and they fit really nicely indeed! So now I'm hesitating between the Uniqlo and the Gap... I don't get why Uniqlo only has 33 inch length jeans, good for the tall people but I'd prefer to be able to wear my jeans without any tailoring adjustment.
      Anyway, with the sun shining and summery temperatures in France, I'm delaying my fall fashion purchases, just don't feel like buying cold season clothes...