dimanche 27 décembre 2015

Face time

Jill Scott as Precious Ramotswe in "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency" (HBO), Lupita Nyong'o (Just Jared), Tracee Ellis-Ross, Kai Avent-deLeon (Huffington Post): my face-time inspirations.

About 3-4 years ago, I was prescribed a medicine to avoid hemorraging during periods -which didn't work at all!- but caused an acne outbreak, thanks very much!! I'd never had any acne as a teen but suddenly in my thirties, my skin developped those big hard pimples. It was disturbing and unsettling not feeling good in my own skin and having such a sudden "alien" face to deal with.

After an agonizing amount of time when I tried almost everything available in the adult acne pharmacy counter, I finally saw a dermatologist whom a friend had vouched for. I stopped the hormonal treatment and followed the dermatologist's simple plan which relied on:

1) cleansing:

Thoroughly day and night, I douse a few cotton pads with Sebium H2O micellar water by Bioderma and swipe it over to clean my skin.

I already knew and used this product before seeing my dermatologist and she insisted that I keep at it and only it. She told me to avoid multiplying cleaning agents, was against any other kind of cleanser formula, especially the ones needing to be rinsed because water is very hard in minerals in the Paris area which apparently causes skin disorders.

She praised Sebium H2O micellar water and I can't help but agree with her. So far and after years of use, I've never felt any discomfort nor did my skin react in a bad way so I stick to it.

2) treating :

On the surface: I had to apply at night only because of its photosensitive effect a lotion named Eryfluid (available exclusively on doctor's prescription) on a cotton pad and dab on acne areas.

From the inside : I was prescribed Zinc supplement to take with water in the morning.

3) moisturizing:

Doctor told me to use Papulex oil free moisturizing cream (Sinclair labs). The texture is very light and I was afraid at first that it would quicky leave my skin dry and uncomfortable but it's never been the case actually.

And that was it. I wouldn't add anything beyond that, no makeup, no other skincare product.

Very quickly in a matter of weeks my skin got back to "normal" but for a long while after I didn't dare stepping out of the dermatologist's recommandations.

Now that about a couple of years have passed with no "dramatic" relapse, I've started to relax a bit and occasionally try some new products. There has been no drastic changes, I simply diversified my moisturizing options, added a bit of makeup back into my routine and I wanted to share with you which ones I always end up buying again time after time.

I got a couple of samples of Aesop's oil free facial hydrating serum after a friend's rave review of the brand and was so delighted with its effects on my combination skin that it has since become my primary moisturizer.

It's a really good product which manages to moisturize all day long, all year long (no need to swap it when seasons change) without leaving any greasy or flaky residue while leaving my skin bright, smooth and a bit more tightened thanks to the aloe vera I guess?! Notable downside is its price but you don't need to put a lot, I'm on my second bottle in about a year.

Sometimes I'll alternate it with Caudalie's vinoperfect fluide peau parfaite (day perfecting fluid) that I discovered on Into the Gloss which is also a really good moisturizer.

This one's a fluid, thicker than serum but lighter than cream, with an orangey color though the version I use doesn't have any tint properties. It quickly sinks in, leaving my skin smooth and soft, bright and yet matte.

Again  from Caudalie, I sometimes use "Eau de beauté" (Beauty elixir) as well that I spray on my face either before applying any moisturizer or when I have plans after work to freshen up. It gives a little kick and glow.

Speaking of which, with the grey skies, lower temperatures and the strain of staying in overheated indoors most of the day, all I want is an even, rested, possibly radiant complexion. To do the trick, I've gone back to using either a bit of Garnier's BB cream or my pre acne foundation: Armani's Luminous Silk.

Otherwise I don't add a lot of makeup, I'm really into the looks sported by the ladies pictured above: flawless skin, matte yet lively complexion, a bit of colour when I feel like it.

On a spur I'll wear a deep matte bordeaux lipstick from Kiko or Mac's shiny "Party Line" but it's certainly not a daily process, though fall winter are the seasons when I tend to play it up a bit more often.

Same goes for the eyes, as I'm either wearing glasses or contacts and get teary eyed easily when it's cold and/or windy, applying mascara is not systematic even if I especially fancy the classic doe eye look with long lashes and a good old cat-eye or some badass khol.

Since the acne is gone and I'm no longer under my dermatologist care, I can't use Eryfluid which is a very strong lotion but when I get the occasionnal breakout, I apply a dab of tea-tree oil on and it usually goes away very quickly.

Overall, just like with fashion, I believe that less is more, my number 1 goal is having and maintaining a healthy skin. Plus honestly, I'm too lazy to deal with a time-consuming routine which involves more than the basic skincare and makeup.

Please share your beauty products recommandations, I'd really like to know what you're using to take care of your skin everyday!

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  1. I've been a big Kiehl's fan for several years now. Most of the products work really well with my skin but to be honest, I've never had any serious problems except for a few pimples during puberty. My favourites are the midnight recovery concentrate, the avocado eye cream and the ultra facial cream. Make up wise, I don't put a lot of effort into it. A simple tinted moisturiser or BB cream and some mascara. I still haven't figured out how to do my eye make up with glasses (they make my eyes look smaller). Oh, and I'm curious about the Armani foundation, I've read terrific things!

    1. Kiehl's has been on my radar for a long time now but ever since they've been established in France, I never tried anything. The offer is overwhelming, I never know which product to try first! I will look into the eye cream since it's lacking in my routine.

      Oh yeah the small eyes big glasses conundrum! I read in magazines about lighter/darker eyeshadows to "enlarge" the eyes but it seems like a lot of work for a somewhat effective result...

      What I like about the Armani foundation is that the texture is very light, dewy but not greasy and it blends in well so the finish is "natural".

  2. How many mg of Zinc do you take? And is there a particular type of zinc? Thanks!

    1. 30 mg (2 tabs of 15 mg a day). The product I was prescribed was named "Effizinc".