lundi 7 décembre 2015


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I've had my mind set - yet again- on a kind of duffle coat since early september.

My criterias are :
A straightforward, nononsense cut, with deep and various pockets, made of at least 50 % of wool to qualify as winter outerwear but not so heavy that it's unbearable to wear and of course a big hood. The kind that will protect me from the cold, wind, occasionnal rain/snow. Something I put on and feel "myself" in, good and comfortable.

I'm not looking for anything remotely ostentatious, nothing waist cinched, fur lined at all. Au contraire, the more it is mininal, the more I like.

Of course so far, none of the coats spotted from mass-market fashion stores are good enough for my too simple yet picky tastes. It seems like the less you want adornment, the more you've got to pay! Why that paradox?? 

This Isabel Marant Etoile coat for instance almost fits the bill but it's bloody expensive. Still it might be the most affordable of my "wish" list (which included this similar model by Y'sor this Acne) if it makes it to the sales. 

Avenue 32

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  1. "It seems like the less you want adornment, the more you've got to pay! Why that paradox??"

    It can't be that cheap sticking zippers and faux fur everywhere (labor-wise, at least, even if the materials are inexpensive.)

    Another thing I'm learning to appreciate is fiber content/knit quality. COS just opened for me locally so it's been interesting checking out their sweaters, especially after hearing so much about them from yours and others' blogs.

    1. It's my #1 pet peeve with mass-market fashion, I constantly wonder why did the brand had to add this writing or that fringe. But then I had a case at work of fashion plagiarism and the devil was in the details indeed. A frill here or a button there was meant to set the difference with competitors with the almost exact product...Made by the same workshops... What a pity.
      I'm often complaining about most of Zara's sweaters (but they're not alone in this) being all style, all synthetics but with a merino wool price tag... Items look so good but have zero content quality.

  2. I'm looking for a similar coat. It seems the style is more geared for men - Saint Laurent makes my dream duffle coat (but for men), and of course way out of price range. Do you have access to JCrew there? They have a nice duffle coat, it might be worth checking out during sale season.

  3. Thanks for the J. Crew pointer. There's a store in Paris and at least one dept store corner but I haven't even set foot in either! I just can't seem to integrate them in my shopping "map".