dimanche 10 janvier 2016

how to parka

(the sartorialist)

When it comes to wearing the parka, I usually team it with some kind of slim pants, sneakers or flat boots. I believe that a monochrome streamlined look works best with this kind of voluminous and shapeless outerwear.

I keep it nondescript but in the sake of (sometimes) wanting to look (a little) more mature/interesting, I'll be taking inspiration from the following stylish compositions:

  • Replacing black pants for cigarette white ones enlightens the oh so common dark winter palette and elevates the likewise very ordinary parka, jeans and sneakers combo. I'd replace white socks for greys but other than that, the mix of neutral colors and stripes is right up my alley. 
(death by elocution)

  • All black with high heeled boots is one of my usal glam up parka outfit. Here a touch of camo and patent boots bring some depth. I would rather choose a simple army green sweater.

(death by elocution)

  • A similar take, reinforcing the appeal of shiny/glossy chelsea boots to me: they instantly and literally add polish to a simple casual look.

(death by elocution)

  • Another variant, this time more bohemian with Isabel Marant's Dicker boots. I'd add a printed scarf and a loose bag to finish the look.

(just jared)

  • Along with that boho theme: mixing big shearling boots with the utilitarian parka lends a cosy vibe. I'm thinking that it's a new way for me to wear my Margiela boots.


2 commentaires:

  1. As regal & elegant as the 1st lady looks, I always felt that those puffer jackets made me look like a bug. Have we seen these margiela boots?

    1. Haha! You're too funny! A bug is an accurate comparison! Yes, I posted a post back in Feb 15 about the Margiela boots! (http://thechicpragmatist.blogspot.fr/2015/02/renovation-therapy-purchases-and-what-i.html);))