samedi 12 mars 2016

New in: Boots

As advertised in the title, here are my new boots for which I was willing to only eat pasta and swear off a big part of social life the entire month (that's why you get lots of library elevator outfit pictures, at least books are free!). I simply didn't want to pass them and my gut was telling me that they would sell out quickly. So when a couple of weeks ago, I started placing a few calls here and there to check on my size availability to be answered that there was only one last 38 at the Bastille store, I shut down the voice of reason and headed East side fast.  

It was a big blow to my budget and my only justification relies on the fact that this is the kind of boots I know I'll wear a lot. I will reach break even in a matter of months because they're "classics with a twist" as the saying goes, with their roundish-almond toe, block heel with sensible and walkable height. No fussy details, just a vintage wooden heel to add a little contrast. Voilà, c'est tout

That means that they will be great for week-ends and off days shenanigans yet sleek and conservative enough for the office as well. Double check for versatility.  

Isabel Marant Etoile "Drew" boots

First time out yesterday: I still love them even if they hurt a bit (need another breaking in session to reach comfortable status), not to mention the leather sole was slippery and had me walking very very cautiously so a rubber fix by the cobbler is to be planned. 

4 commentaires:

  1. Margiela? ouu they are nice and hopefully worth "the suffering" lol! in the long run.

    1. Ha, you saw that Margiela likeness as well! I pointed it out to the sales assistant when I tried them on and she was a bit dismissive. I guess it's a touchy subject for Isabel Marant since she's vehemently against copies and fakes but she herself gets "inspired" an awful lot by other designers and trends...
      I can't wait for the leather to stretch a bit more so that I can wear them more.

  2. Very nice! I love that heel height, seems most designer boots are either flat or 4"! I'd definitely get them soled if only to protect the toe, but they seem like they'd look quite nice with a more 'lived-in' look, with some creases and scuffs.

    Whenever I purchase something way over budget I immediately enact a ban on online browsing for a month or two.

    1. That heel is a great part of what attracted me, like you pointed out designers tend to be into extreme height spectrum. I'm actively on purchase ban but can't help browsing both online and off!