lundi 21 mars 2016

Pretty in pink

That pink sweater has become one of my favorite staple for the end of winter/early spring. That chunk of time when after 4-5 months into the season I'm just so fed up of wearing the same clothes/shoes over and over again. When repeating an outfit is no longer a "uniform" but turns into a boring routine because I've tried and exhausted every combination of accessories and clothes at my disposal.

Besides I'm so physically exhausted, I don't have the drive anymore to challenge myself to cook up any stylish revolution. I just want to move on to the next season to get more options but only a drastic weather change for the better will allow that and so far, we're in limbo. One day winter, the next spring, the day after a bit of both and so on.

At least I can rely on that cheerful bubblegum knit poping up against darker tones, which while keeping me effectively warm, sends a clear message to my brain that spring really is on its way. Because it's also that time when I frantically reach for anything remotely colored or pale in my wardrobe to incorporate in my outfits, like an attempt to call upon sun-filled days.

That candy hue, that I had not worn since I was a little girl, adds both a bit of sweetness and unexpected to casual looks. It's also a far easier color for me to deal with than the primary colors in stores now which weirdly exert a push and pull effect on me. At first, as certain as I ever was that they were not for me, then at one point a shift occured a few weeks ago and I started thinking about a pale yellow or red sweatshirt...  So, it may be the start of me going color bold.

coat: Isabel Marant / scarf : Acne Studios / sweater: h&m / jeans : COS /bag: Céline

2 commentaires:

  1. Maybe I'm influenced by reading the last caption but for some reason that H&M sweater looks so much more luxe when worn with such great textures. Great eye for seeing the potential in the sweater, btw. What's the neckline on it?

    1. Thanks Kristina! I think the material plays a big part in all these fast fashion items, the sweater is a round neckline.