samedi 14 août 2010

First Etoile

....of the season...

I bought this perfect jacket yesterday. Just what I needed to replace the Bator.

It has 2 buttons so you can wear it like this:

or like that

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics.

10 commentaires:

  1. even in lo-quality, the fabric of that jacket looks wonderful!

  2. wow. great jacket. i love the color.

  3. Cool. I like how you can button it two different ways. :)

  4. that's a cool detail. i suppose you're looking forward to cooler weather already!

  5. Just dicovered your blog through Fashion Spot.
    And I found out that you're learning Dutch, which happens to be the language I speak, how coincident is that?

  6. @Dahlia: I feel ashamed when I see your beautiful pics! I have to upgrade my photo material...But thanks for the vote of approval on the jacket! I'll try to post better pics.

    @Pennerad, Prêt à Porter P, t: Thanks a lot! I really wanted a basic jacket, conservative enough for work and yet not too bland and once again Isabel Marant doesn't disappoint. I really like her Etoile collection. So many interesting items..

    @Lin: Oh, it's ok, I cant wait!! I really like it but I'd be depressed to wear the jacket now! I still want to enjoy Summer! :))

    @my fellow tfser: Welkom en dank u wel! I hope you'll enjoy my little blog.

  7. Agree with Dahlia. I didn't even notice the bad quality because the jacket looks brilliantly amazing. And it suits your body perfectly. :D

  8. Merci! I keep looking and touching it, the wool is so soft and mossy! Love it!