vendredi 20 août 2010

The back to school effect

It's always the same every year.
Come mid August and I have these cravings for new. I feel like a school girl again. I want new clothes and shoes, a new bag. A new life ?

With all the new collections now in stores, the fat September issues coming out, I feel confused, I want so many things.

The solution to fight the attraction of all these shiny new things is the old school list. So I try to focus on what's really essential and lacking in my wardrobe.
Here's the list I posted on TFS a few days ago:
  • (Saving for) a Balenciaga city classic
  • pleated skirt
  • new trench
  • tweed jacket/coat (technically the Etoile one is not tweed but it fits the bill!)
  • wedge boots
  • knee high flat black boots
  • and if I find a decently cut and not overpriced one, a shearling coat/jacket.
Here's the trench I bought from Zara. Thanks for the input Erin!

Well, 5 more to go...

9 commentaires:

  1. So you didn't go with the Burberry (or H&M) trench! This one is quite fabulous, though... and from Zara, I'm sure it was affordable. :) Excellent find!

  2. Same thing here... I get bored of having the same wardrobe for too long and get the feeling I need to at least, add a few items just to change a bit before I go back to school. I'm not of the 'new season, new wardrobe' mentality but it's nice to have a bit more things to play with...

  3. Nice list! I am kind of umming and ahing about the Balenciaga myself. I think it has luckily survived the celebrity obsession and become a classic. The trench is very nice, I like the little tab that goes under the collar - just a nice extra detail :)

  4. What a perfect list! Hope you'll spot everything you're looking for this fall. The trench is beautiful. I like it short :D

  5. Cute trench!

  6. I wish I had a change of season to to prepare for. Unfortunately I live in perpetual summer. I like the trench.

  7. I wish I had a change of season to to prepare for. Unfortunately I live in perpetual summer. I like the trench.

  8. t, Prêt à Porter P: Thanks a lot!

    Erin: The H&M trench was cheaper but the Zara was a good in-between choice. A lot less expensive than the Burberry but more original than the H&M!

    Deadfleurette : I liked that it was short too. My old one is knee lentgth so it's a nice change of silhouette.

    MissMollCherie: Ah, you noticed it too! I liked the tab on the collar, reminded me of the Burberry trench. Don't think I'll use it though because it'll feel a bit suffocating.

    I've been dreaming of the Balenciaga City. As you said now it's a classic. I try to find cheaper alternatives but in the end I know it's the only one I want. And as my birthday is arounnd the corner...

    Dahlia: I agree, adding a few items make the wardrobe more fun! And I could never wrap my mind around that "new season, new wardrobe" mantra. It's so unreasonable and a bit sad to be so dependent on what's supposedly "in" for the season...

    Lin: I know that dilemna, I lived in Africa. I really like having 4 seasons and the joys of changing clothes all year round is a great part of it.
    But in the dead of Winter, when sidewalks are slippery with ice and the sun's MIA for days if not weeks, well, we can trade places if you like!