dimanche 22 août 2010

The list in picture

La liste

  • Balenciaga Classic City
  • Margiela flat knee high boots
  • Surface to Air wedge boots
  • Vanessa Bruno pleated mini skirt
  • Isabel Marant shearling coat

8 commentaires:

  1. That Balenciaga... <3 I need a fantastic black purse for fall. Unfortunately, this doesn't fit in my budget... oh well, at least I can look at it.

  2. Those Surface to Air boots look really comfortable. One of the advantages of wedge heels!

  3. That's a very yummy list, I especially like the Margiela flat boots. Everything looks very wearable and classic with just interesting enough details.

  4. Erin: The Balenciaga's been my dream bag for a while now and I keep going to the store just to check it! I must be annoying the sales assistants so much ny now!
    So instead of getting a cheap substitute I decided to save and sell a few other worldly possessions to get the real deal. I should be done come my birthday in a few days...

    Dahlia: I was at the Galeries Lafayette today and saw the Surface to Air. The wedge is too high for me, no way I can walk in them! Plus they're a bit too expensive so I'll pass on those.

    Lin: Saw the Margiela boots today and they're indeed amazing, very classic and well made but so out of my budget, besides being sold-out in my size...

  5. Oh no, really? They look great from the outside though!

  6. I love that pleaded mini! So cute! And you totally will love the balenciaga and it'll go with everything!

  7. love the margiela boots. it would look perfect with the skirt and coat.

  8. Thanks Emmy! I can't wait to finally get my hands on the Bal and bring it home!!

    Pennerad: I saw the Margiela again today and boy do they look great! I purposely didn't even try them on...